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4 Tips to Get your New Year's Fitness Resolutions Back on Track

February starts the "New, New Year"


So you made the decision to make your health a priority in 2019.  Eating clean, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, etc.  It all sounded great heading into January, and it was...until little compromises started taking hold.  Perhaps a fast food "cheat" meal once a week turned into two, then three.  Maybe you missed a couple workouts and never quite got back on track. There are an infinite number of factors that can easily creep up and knock you off your game.  


Don't worry! You are not alone!  Studies have shown that nearly two-thirds of adults in the United States make new year's resolutions to get healthy and fit.  Of those, 73% give up on their resolution within 6 weeks!  In this article, we are going to discuss four tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle year round so even if you have given up on your 2019 fitness resolutions, I implore you to take these tips and start over!  After all, it's never a bad time to invest in your health.

Fitness Tips

Tip 1: Before you start, establish your "Why"

Why are you making a resolution to live a healthier lifestyle?  There are no bad or wrong answers to this question.  Everyone has a different reason for wanting to get fit and be healthier.  It is important to establish WHY you are doing it.  Write it down and put it on your nightstand, make a note in your phone,  whatever will serve as a constant reminder as to why you are getting healthier will help keep you on track. 


Now, I would like to touch on another factor of your "why" and that is, who you are getting healthier for. Are you doing it for you? Or someone else?  Studies have shown that you are much more likely to stick with a resolution if YOU are the one who wants to make change.  Now, I know that sometimes it may seem like you are doing it for someone else ie. significant other, family, friends. Perhaps the people around you are concerned for your health and happiness and are encouraging you to make some changes.  If this is the case, it's all about framing the narrative to make it YOUR decision.  If your wife wants you to be healthier, don't look at it like you are doing it to please her.  Instead, break it down psychologically and make it YOUR decision.  She would be happy if you were healthier.  If she is happier, most likely YOU will be happier and your marriage will improve which can, in turn, boost your confidence!  


Tip 2:  Make a plan, and write it down!

Resolution Tip 1

One of the most common reasons people give up on their fitness resolutions is because of poor time management.  Remember, you are making a resolution to get fit and be healthy.  That takes time, and needs to be scheduled just like any other priority in your life.  If you just "wing it", it makes it so much easier to skip workouts.  My advice is to map out your schedule. Decide which days you are going to work out(typically between 3-5 times a week) and establish the time that you will exercise.  Put it on your calendar and treat it just like an appointment or business meeting.  This will help establish a routine that will be much easier to maintain and much more difficult to deviate from. 


Tip 3:  Make nutrition easy for yourself.


Getting fit and being healthy not only requires regular exercise but eating healthy as well.  In fact, what you are putting into your body is equally, if not more important than exercise when it comes to getting fit(ever heard the phrase "Abs are made in the kitchen?).  A lot of people think of nutrition planning as an ultra precise science that requires hours of dedication.  That may be the case for bodybuilders and other high performance athletes, but for the average person, it is relatively easy and can even save you money!  My advice is to buy in bulk.  By doing this, you will not only always have healthy food on hand but you will actually eat it because you don't want to feel like you wasted money if you allow the food to go bad. 

Bonus tip:  Supplement protein intake by investing in a high quality natural whey protein powder.  We recommend 5Pro Nutrition Natural Whey.  All you need is water, 5Pro, and a shaker bottle(I know of the BEST on the market😁).  Mix the water and protein into your shaker bottle, close it up, shake it up, and enjoy.  This is a super simple and cost effective way to add 24 grams of quality protein to your diet with no artificial fillers, dyes, or sweeteners.


Tip 4:  Create accountability


Arguably the most under-appreciated factor when it comes to keeping your fitness resolutions is accountability.  So many people give up on their resolutions because there is no accountability.  They are able to justify to themselves why they have given up and there is no one there to question it.  When making a resolution, at the very least, tell as many people that you can about your plan to change.  By doing this, you will create a sense of accountability not only to yourself, but to others as well.  You will be more likely to continue your journey to living a more fit and healthy lifestyle.


Take these four tips and apply them to your fitness resolutions.  It's never too late to invest in yourself!

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