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6 Ways to Make Protein Shakes Taste Better

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While the benefits of drinking a protein shake every day are evident, it can be difficult to make this part of your daily routine because shakes can possess a strange taste or feel gritty from the powder. If you’re focusing on your fitness goals, whether you’d like to build muscle or lose weight, protein shakes help to repair your body, fuel your workouts and satiate your hunger without many calories. Don’t skip the shake just to avoid the sometimes-unpleasant flavor. Instead, try out these tips for making protein shakes taste better. You may even end up discovering a new favorite drink.

Buy a Protein Shaker Bottle

One of the most common complaints people have about protein shakes is that they have a gritty texture from the powder. To overcome this undesirable trait, you can purchase a protein shaker bottle specifically designed to blend shakes into a creamy drink. The Ice Shaker bottle was created after testing many protein shaker cups to determine the biggest problems with other brands and effectively rid users of these issues. The twist-on agitator separates clumps of protein powder as you shake the bottle to help dissolve the supplement and diminish that gritty effect.

Swap Water for Milk

Using water to mix up your protein shake can give the drink a more fluid texture that some people find unpleasant. Water may also add to the issue of grittiness. Adding whole milk, almond milk or coconut milk in place of water will create a smooth and creamy texture to your drink that will be more enjoyable. Depending on which type of milk you decide to add, you’ll also be taking in more protein than with a shake made with water, boosting your energy level and muscle growth. If you’re a fan of milkshakes or smoothies, using milk in place of water will mimic this texture fostering a more pleasant protein shake experience.

Use More Liquid

Sometimes you can create a more flavorful protein shake simply by using more liquid of your choice. Adding too little milk or water can add to the problem of grittiness or cause the protein powder to clump in your shaker bottle, which makes the flavor uneven. If the powder starts to clump, you may notice that some sips are almost void of all taste while others are overpowering as you choke down a big chunk of powder.

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Use Flavored Protein Powder

There are hundreds of protein supplements on the market that are created in a range of flavors to improve the taste of your shakes. If you want to get creative with your drinks, try purchasing several different flavors that you can alternate depending on the type of drink you want. 5Pro Nutrition's Chocolate or vanilla protein powders are great ingredients to have on hand as you can add them to dozens of recipes such as an orange vanilla creamsicle blend or chocolate peanut butter shake.

Many people opt to drink their protein shake in the morning to load up on protein before starting their day. If you typically drink coffee in the morning as well, you can combine these two drinks by using protein coffee powder, giving yourself a boost of caffeine and a tasty coffee-flavored treat.

Add Fresh Fruit

When you mix fruit into your protein shake, you’re providing your body with additional nutrients and antioxidants to fuel you throughout the day while taking the flavor of your drink up a notch. Typically, protein shakes are easy to make because you can simply add liquid and protein powder and then shake well and the drink is ready. If you’re interested in experimenting with fruit in your shakes, the process will be a bit longer and messier. You’ll need to add your choice of berries, cherries, bananas or apples to a blender along with milk or water, ice and protein powder to give the drink a smooth consistency. This method will create a smoothie-like protein shake that you can prepare in large batches. Store your fruit-filled shake in the fridge and then each morning pour some into your protein shaker cup with a bit of ice and you’ve got a delicious shake to-go.

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Mix in Yogurt or Peanut Butter

Though simply replacing water with milk will give your protein shakes a more creamy consistency, you can also opt to add yogurt or peanut butter for extra flavor and a different texture. Peanut butter can be difficult to blend into a shake without the use of a blender, so you may want to consider using a peanut butter powder like PBfit to achieve the same flavor without the hassle of taking out your blender. Yogurt tends to mix more easily in a shaker bottle but use milk or almond milk as your base instead of water.

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