All New Flex Bottles: Everything You Want to Know

All New Flex Bottles: Everything You Want to Know

Browsing our website, you may notice a familiar bottle sporting a new style of lid.  Enter the Ice Shaker Flex Bottle.

Our all new Flex bottles hold 26oz and feature the same construction and design as our 26oz Shaker bottles.  In fact, the lids are actually compatible with one another to make for an easy transition when your drink preference changes.  As you know, our shaker lid is spill/leak proof, features a pop-top spout, flip-up carry handle, and removable agitator.  It is ideal for ice cold water, smoothies, and nutrition shakes due to the agitators ability to effortlessly blend supplement powders.

So, why the new lid offering? What makes it different?  We're glad you asked!  Our Flex lids are a more low profile option and cater to the "sipper" rather that the "chugger".  They are spill/leak proof as well but give you two options for how you would like to sip.  Option 1 is our durable flip-up tab that drinks like a traditional coffee cup.  The Flex lid is amazing for hot beverages such as coffee, tea, cider, and cocoa.  In the center of the lid, there is a hole sealed by an attached rubber stopper.  If you prefer to sip out of the tab, this may be opened to allow venting and better flow as you drink.  Speaking of the center straw hole, that brings us to sipping option 2, sip from the straw.  Yes, all of our 26oz Flex bottles come with a reusable Tritan straw.  This makes it the ideal bottle for water, smoothies, blended milk shakes, and juices.  Flex lids offer incredible versatility and give you the choice to sip how you want, when you want.  Click here to browse our 26oz Flex Bottles as well as some of our other new arrivals.

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