Custom Shaker Cups: The Gift for Everyone on Your List

 Custom Shaker Cups

Searching for the perfect holiday gift can be a challenge. You want to find something both personal and useful without giving the same cliché presents to everyone on your list. This year, you can order customizable Ice Shaker tumblers designed specifically for each person in mind. Is your dad or brother a devoted Patriots fan? Purchase a tumbler with their favorite football team’s logo on the front! Does your best friend consider him or herself a wine aficionado? Order one of our classy, stemless wine tumblers with their name on it. No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, Ice Shaker has the perfect gift for them.

Why Use a Shaker Cup?

Protein shaker cups and wine tumblers can be used by anyone. For anyone particularly interested in fitness and health, protein shakers are an essential item to own. You can easily mix up your favorite shake and then take it with you on the go—in the car, to the gym, even to the office—without worrying about your drink getting warm. Though our Ice Shaker tumblers are designed for protein shakes, these handy containers have many uses. Carry it around throughout the day and convert it into your own reusable water bottle. With the twist-on agitator, you can even create flavor-infused water by adding lemons, strawberries or other fresh fruit to the cage.

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What Makes Ice Shaker Protein Cups Different?

As a professional athlete, I’ve spent much of my life exercising and training and, along the way, I accumulated tons of different protein shaker bottles. But no matter which brand I used, I always seemed to have an issue with the shaker. Some don’t fit into car cupholders, others are tough to clean, plastic versions often retain strange odors and it’s easy to misplace a mixing ball that’s not attached to the bottle itself. Finally, I was fed up and set out to create the ultimate protein shaker bottle—the Ice Shaker.

Available in 16 and 26 oz. sizes, the Ice Shaker uses double-wall insulation, which is vacuum-sealed to ensure that your drinks stay cold for more than 30 hours. The tapered design allows your Ice Shaker to fit into cupholders of any size, and the secure pop-top prevents spills caused by wide lids. With the screw-on agitator, you’ll have an easy time cleaning the bottle and never misplace it because it connects directly to the bottle’s top. Stop dealing with the problematic design of other bottles and give your friends and family the gift of an Ice Shaker.


Who Should I Buy an Ice Shaker For?

Everyone! No matter who you’re shopping for this year, people of all ages, interests and physical activity levels will love owning an Ice Shaker. For the fitness and health junkies, you can gift them with one of the three protein shaker bottles—The Gronk Shaker, the 16 oz. bottle or the 26 oz. cup. Anyone interested in fitness knows that consuming protein shakes after a workout is extremely beneficial to your health and exercise goals. Surprise your favorite gym enthusiasts with their own protein shaker they can take wherever they go.

Do you have a teenager on your list of people to shop for this year? They’ll love an Ice Shaker, too! Order one of the 20 oz. skinny tumblers with a straw—the perfect item to fill with water or iced tea and bring to class. Offered in a variety of fun colors like rose gold, lilac and floral print, the skinny tumbler can be customized to include a name, image or logo.

For the vino lover in your life, order our stemless wine tumblers, which can keep wine, cocktails or any other drink cold for more than three hours. In the summer, some people use the wine tumblers to keep ice cream cold while outside in the heat. Though our traditional protein shaker cups are not recommended for coffee, the wine tumblers have been specifically designed to also handle warm drinks. Any coffee or tea drinkers in your family will love this sleek, portable mug that can also keep beverages warm for hours.

Customizable Options

Make your Ice Shaker gift even more special by adding a personal touch. No matter which of our products you choose to buy, we can add an assortment of custom images to the tumbler. Select one of our many fonts and request to add a name or phrase to your Ice Shaker gift or upload an image to be printed on the cup. Everyone on your shopping list is sure to want their own, unique tumbler.


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