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From GOAT's to Galaxy's Far, Far Away....

Ice Shaker's new Limited Edition bottle/tumbler collections offer unique engravings in a wide range of themes.  These themes will only be available for a limited time before new themes are introduced to replace them!


It all started with a few New England themed bottles, custom engraved to celebrate a certain trip to Atlanta.   Little did we know that they would blow up the way they did!  Our engraving machines were running day and night in order to keep up with demand and we got to thinking...Why limit ourselves?  Let's pick a few different themes and offer custom engravings geared towards those themes for a limited time!


After some conversation, we decided to launch four new themes in addition to the New England bottles/tumblers.  


Military Collection-

From day one, we have been vocal about our support for our troops.  We are teamed up with Troopster and send Ice Shaker bottles in to be shipped to soldiers overseas in care packages.  We decided to honor each branch of our armed forces with a unique collection of US military themed bottles and tumblers.


Nurse's Corner-

We wanted to put out something special for all of those who do one of the toughest jobs around and still somehow keep a smile on their face all day(or night) long.  You save lives, make people smile during hard times, and move others to tears with your relentless work ethic and care.  Nurses, these are for you.


Galaxy Collection-

The force is strong with this line up...Ice Shaker took some of the most iconic characters from your favorite "galactic conflict" movies, books, video games, etc.  and made them our own with our Galaxy Collection.  Wookies, Bounty Hunters, and Droids OH MY!  


I Love You Collection-

Inspired by Valentine's Day, the I Love You Collection offers simple sayings that most of us have shared a time or two with our significant other.  A wonderful gift for your partner in crime on Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because!  These bottles and tumblers will serve as sweet reminders of that special someone and why you fell for them in the first place❤️


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