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Get your order BEFORE Christmas!

This time of year it can be risky to place an order online with the fear that it will not arrive in time for Christmas.  Many shoppers place their orders, cross their fingers, and hope that it arrives BEFORE Christmas.  It is a fear that can cause sleepless nights and added stress.
If you are ordering Ice Shaker products for Christmas, FEAR NOT! Your order will be shipped within 24 hours of when the order is placed.  We understand that the holidays can get a little stressful at times and we want to help relieve some of that stress by negating the worry of gifts not being delivered in time for Christmas.  We want you to know that if you are shopping with us, any orders placed by December 19th WILL arrive in time for Christmas.
Relax, you're with Ice Shaker now.
Additionally, all domestic orders over $50 will be given FREE SHIPPING

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