New England Wins Their Sixth!

Congratulations to the New England Patriots on winning their SIXTH Super Bowl in franchise history!  Hats off to the Los Angeles Rams on an unbelievable season and hard fought game.

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A couple weeks ago, we released our limited edition, New England themed bottles and tumblers to commemorate the Patriots playing in another Super Bowl.  Now that they have given EVERYTHING THEY GOT, we wanted to offer another, ultra limited edition run of 26oz Ice Shaker bottles, 20oz Skinny steel Tumblers, and 12oz Stemless Wine Tumblers! 

"99 Problems" 26oz Ice Shaker-White

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Basic math tells us that 12+87=99...Patriot math tells us that 12+87= 99 Problems But A Championship Ain't One(I think those 99 problems are mostly for the opposing defense!). No, there is no shortage of championships in New England these days.  Let it be known and shown everywhere you go with your "99 Problems" Ice Shaker bottle or tumbler!  See the full collection HERE.


Perhaps you are just looking to make a statement that EVERYONE will understand?  Enter the "Property of New England" Championship Collection...

"Property of New England" 12oz Stemless Wine Tumbler-Red

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Bask in the glory of SIX Super Bowl titles each and every time you take an ice cold(or piping hot) sip from one of your bottles or tumblers and rest easy knowing that you're not only drinking out of the snazziest vessel around, but, the highest quality as well!

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