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Pink Water Bottle

Ice Shaker is now in stock in neon pink!  Grab the best pink water bottle and shaker now and hit the gym in style!  

Show off your pink Ice Shaker not just during a workout, but bring it to the office, the pool, the beach, to the airport, in the car, camping, tailgating and everywhere else life takes you!  Ice Shaker is the perfect utility cup and water bottle.  The insulated kitchen grade stainless steel bottle does not absorb odor and will hold ice for over 30 hours in a 75 degree room.  

Stop buying plastic bottles of water and get a reusable water bottle.  Not only does this help the environment, plastic water bottles can leach toxins in your drinking water especially if they are left in the heat.

Plastic water bottles also sweat and leave condensation all over your hands and furniture.  It's time for an insulated bottle that does not sweat! 

Don't forget that we can personalize each and every Ice Shaker just for you!  Personalize it with a name, monogram, motivational quote or even a logo.  It's time to get the best pink water bottle and shaker!

Pink Water Bottle

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