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See Ice Shaker Take on Top Competitors

See Ice Shaker Take on Top Competitors

Several days ago, we received an email with the subject line:
Tested and the Ice Shaker Won!  
Intrigued, we opened the email to find that a woman named Shannon conducted a thorough testing of our 26oz Ice Shaker, an insulated Blender Bottle, and a Yeti Rambler.  She tested them all at the same time under the exact same conditions.  She filled up each vessel with the exact same amount of ice cubes and set them on a west facing deck of her Wisconsin home.  She said that is was full sun all day long and the temperature got up to 84 degrees.  She checked the cups periodically and documented her findings with pictures.
As you can see, all three cups were filled with the same volume of ice cubes.
These are photos taken several hours later.
At 3:01pm you can see that the Ice Shaker is outperforming the competition.
Finally, take a look the pictures at the end of her experiment.
At 5:44pm, after sitting in direct sunlight for 10 hours, you can see that all of the ice in the Yeti had melted.  The Blender Bottle did hold some ice but as you can see, Ice Shaker held significantly more.  We wanted to post this to show that Ice Shaker truly does live up to it's claims of superior insulation and performance.  This study was conducted by a non-biased consumer who just wanted to know which cup is the best...she found her answer at the bottom of an Ice Shaker.  Try the experiment out for yourself and email us the results!

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