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Workout Wednesday: Full Chest Building Workout

Today, we are launching our Ice Shaker Workout Wednesday series!  Every Wednesday we will be posting a new, full workout targeting a specific muscle group or groups.  We will be posting here on our blog as well as on Instagram(@iceshakerbottle) so if you haven't started following us, now is the time! 
Today's featured workout is all about building that chest.  Using a variety of equipment, we will be targeting every part of the chest through variations in angles and planes in which we are moving the weights.  This workout can be done by anyone from beginners to advanced lifters.  You will see on the workout sheet that we do not use specific amounts of weight but rather use light, moderate, heavy. etc.  We do this because the weight is relative to the individual performing the exercises.  Light to one person may be heavy to another.  Only you know where you are at physically so it is up to you to decide which weights to use.
This is a high volume workout so we will be emphasizing more sets and higher repetitions while keeping weight fairly moderate.  Really focus on getting a full extension and contraction with each rep.  This workout will give you an incredible chest "pump" and by the end, your muscles will feel tight and full.
One more thing before we get into it.  Be sure to use a spotter when necessary, due to the high volume of this workout some weights will seem light at the beginning of a set but muscle fatigue may set in and make it very difficult to lift towards the end of the set. Safety is top priority.  After all, you can't reach your fitness goals with your arm in a sling!
Lets get started!
Exercise 1 - Incline Barbell Bench Press
The incline bench is a standard piece of equipment at virtually any fitness center.  If you have never done Incline bench press, start out by just pressing the bar for a few reps to get comfortable with the movement.  
Pro Tip: Before you begin the exercise, get your hands into position(slightly wider than shoulder width) and squeeze your shoulder blades together.  This primes your chest for maximum extension and contraction.  Note** if the bar is too heavy, you may do this exercise with dumbbells.
Exercise 2 - Flat Dumbbell Single Arm Bench Press
This variation of the standard dumbbell bench press forces your body to recruit more stabilizer muscles in your shoulders as well as abs and obliques.  
Pro Tip: Focus on contracting the inner part of your pectorals(chest muscles) at the top of the movement.  Watch Chris perform the exercise below.
Exercises 3 and 4 - Superset Incline Bench Cable Fly+ Incline Dumbbell Pullover
This next one is a superset, this means that the two exercises are to be performed back to back to complete one set.  Again, focus on a fully extension and contraction.  The cable fly is more of a pulling exercise than a press.  Squeeze your pectorals together at the top of the movement.  When performing the incline dumbbell pullover, hold the dumbbell by one of the weighted sides.  Form a diamond with your hands to where the bar is between the first knuckles on yours hands.  Begin with the weight extended above your chest
Exercises 5 and 6 - Superset Low Cable Chest Fly and Push Ups
This superset checks all the boxes when it comes to targeting the whole chest.  Be sure to squeeze the "shelf"  at the top of the movement.  This is one of the best exercises for targeting the upper chest because of the direction in which the muscle fibers run.  As you can see in the illustration below, the fibers of the upper chest run at around a 45 degree angle from the top of the sternum.  
Superset these with push ups to failure and you will definitely be feeling the burn.  If you are unable to perform regular push ups, either perform them on an incline(bench, bar, etc.) or put your knees on the ground to alleviate some of your weight. See Chris perform both of these exercises below.
And there you have it! Our Workout Wednesday workout.  Try it out for yourself on your next chest day and let us know what you think by commenting on our #workoutwednedsay post on Instagram @iceshakerbottle!

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