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5 Things Healthy People Do

5 Things Healthy People Do

Being healthy isn't just about being in good physical shape.  One's sense of overall well being is just as much mental as it is physical.  In this article, we break down 5 of the most common things that healthy people regularly do to stay sharp mentally, fit physically, and emotionally happy.


1. Exercise

You know we couldn't make this list without including the power of exercise!  Exercise is great for building confidence and giving you a sense of accomplishment.  In addition to it's body altering power, exercise has been linked to good mental health.  Exercise releases endorphins(feel good hormones) in the body that can give you a high sense of well being and happiness.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep plays such an important role in our health.  It is when we re-charge mentally and repair our bodies physically.  Expect higher energy levels, improved physical performance, and increased metal sharpness when you get a full night's rest.  When it comes to how much you need to be sleeping, listen to your body and your mind.  Some require more and some less than others.  It is important to find the optimum sleep time for you and be consistent with that pattern.

3. Keep a Positive Outlook

Positivity breeds positivity! Try to put a positive spin on every situation, especially failure.  Instead of berating yourself or letting yourself feel hopeless, learn from it so you may improve and succeed next time.  It is much easier said than done, but, it is possible to train your mind to view even negative situations in a positive light.

4. Make Relationships a Priority

EVERYBODY needs a support system.  We all need help at some point and having a positive circle of friends, colleagues, and family around can make a HUGE impact on your mental health.  Knowing that you are not alone can help you get through even the toughest of situations.  Healthy people tend to recognize this and keep cultivate a tight knit group around them.  It also makes you feel good when you are the one helping someone else.

5. Drink LOTS of Water

Fight fatigue, weakness, and low energy!  I know, it sounds like I'm about to pitch you for a new energy drink...BUT, the reality is, water can be the answer to all of these issues.  We as humans are mostly made up of water.  It helps to flush our bodies of toxins and is vital to delivering nutrients to our organs and tissue.  Healthy individuals are rarely without their reusable water bottle to ensure that they are getting the proper amount of H2O throughout the day.  It is recommended to drink 8 cups(64oz) of water daily.

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4 Tips to Eat Clean While Travelling

4 Tips to Eat Clean While Travelling

It's easy to do...NO, I certainly don't mean eating clean while travelling.  It's easy to lose your discipline when it comes to diet while on the road. Whether you're travelling for work or play, temptations are seemingly everywhere and it's not too difficult to get off track.  Don't worry, we've compiled a list of 4 tips to keep in mind before your next trip that will have you feeling better upon your return than when you left!

Staying disciplined with your diet is much easier when you have a plan ahead of time(this is doesn't just apply to travelling), so, you will notice that most of these tips require some foresight and planning before you hit the runway. 

Tip 1: Research Your Destination

Are you travelling within the US or abroad? Different precautions must be taken depending on where you're going.  In many places around the world, getting a drink of water from a tap or drinking fountain could SERIOUSLY put a damper on your trip.  We recommend visiting a site like tripadvisor.com to gain insight on best practices when it comes to food/water consumption.  In addition to knowing what is safe and what to avoid, find out what is around the area you will be staying.  Take a look at online menus(if possible) and plan out where you would like to eat and what you will order ahead of time.  Or, if you plan on staying awhile, locate a grocery store that offers fresh meats and produce so your meal prep doesn't skip a beat.

Tip 2: Get Kitchen Access

When picking your hotel, select one with a kitchen if possible. At the very least, make sure you have a microwave and refrigerator.  Head to the grocery store you found in tip 1 and instead of going out for every meal, pick up some fresh food and prepare it yourself in the comfort of your room.  It'll save you lot's of money and it will keep your clean eating habits on track.

Tip 3: Water, Water, and More Water

Drinking lot's of water will not only keep you hydrated, but, it will also keep you feeling full and curb those impulses to load up at meal time.  Additionally, flying dehydrates you so be sure to pack a spill/leak proof, re-usable water bottles that you can fill up before take off.  Keep your bottle filled and take it with you everywhere so you're never far from a refreshing sip of cold water. Pro tip: Ice Shaker 26oz bottles double as both a water bottle and a shaker bottle.  Pack some protein powder and have a shake instead of unhealthy snacks!

Tip 4: Limit Your Booze Intake

We're not saying to avoid alcohol completely but consider limiting how much you consume and which types of alcohol you are consuming.  Stay away from the touristy mixed drinks which are typically LOADED with sugar.  Stick with clear liquors and if you need a mixer, go with a sugar free option like soda or tonic water.  

5 Fitness Myths...DEBUNKED

5 Fitness Myths...DEBUNKED

Maybe you have heard some of these and maybe even have believed them  Here are 5 of the top fitness myths and misconceptions out there.  We're here to set the record straight and help you optimize your fitness routine to achieve your goals and not worry about "what so and so told you at the gym".


Myth 1.  Lifting heavy weights makes you bulky.


This is a common misconception, especially among females looking to trim down.  Lifting heavier weights for lower reps(8-10) can in fact burn more calories and trim you down more effectively than lifting lighter weights for higher reps(15-20) according to a study published by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

Myth 2.  Always stretch before you exercise.


While a proper warm up is indeed beneficial to maximize workout performance, static-stretching should not be a part of it.  Stretching loosens tendons and destabilizes muscles which in turn can weaken muscles, reduce power output, and open the door to injury.   We recommend performing a dynamic warm up that focuses on getting your heart rate elevated and blood flowing to warm up your muscles for intense exercise.  Once your workout is complete and your muscles are warm and fatigued, we recommend some light stretching to help loosen up tight muscles.


Myth 3. You can target where you want to burn fat.


Physiologically speaking, this is simply impossible.  Unlike exercising where you can target specific muscles by isolation and stimulation, our bodies fat stores do not work in the same manner.  Exercise can absolutely help you decrease unwanted body fat but, you cannot control where that fat comes from.  


Myth 4. The best time to work out is first thing in the morning.


It may be, or it may not be.  There is no "best time" to work out.  The optimal time for people to work out is when they can do it consistently.  Everybody has different schedules so naturally, everybody will have their own "best time" to work out.  The important thing is to get enough sleep so that your body can recover and keep you primed for your next workout.


Myth 5.  Sports drinks are the best method to re-hydrate.


Experts recommend, get this...regular ole water!  Sports drinks are often times laced with very high amounts of sugar which of course can hinder your progress.  Water helps to keep fluid moving throughout your body, flush out waste, and fight inflammation.  It is also recommended to get protein with 1 hour of exercise to start the repair process for your muscles.  We recommend an all natural whey protein shake that does not contain any artificial sweeteners, dyes, or fillers to keep you on top of your game. Make hydration and supplementation simple by using an Ice Shaker insulated bottle. 



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