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The Ice Shaker is already pure genius, so what can make this premier protein shaker even better?  How about having it customized with your logo, name, motivational quotes, bible verses, monogram, military rank, name, business or anything else you could think of.  Not only does the Ice Shaker hold ice for over 30 hours, it will now have an inspiring permenant laser engraved personalization.  Our laser engraving creates a smooth metallic finish that will not fade over time. Checkout this awesome custom bottle for the Detroit Fire Department Ice Shaker's make great gifts for law enforcement and fire fighters.  Ice Shaker...

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Next time your shopping at one of the GNC stores for some whey protein powder, probiotics or vitamins, look for an Ice Shaker Water bottle protein mixing cup. Ice Shaker is now available in 14 GNC Stores and a couple Nutrishop stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.   Ice Shaker's stainless steel bottle does not absorb odor and holds ice for 30+ hours! This means you can enjoy ice cold protein shakes, smoothies, BCAA's, water, Pre workout drink, alcoholic beverages, iced coffee and anything else you would like ice cold in your Ice Shaker cup.  Ice Shaker's are...

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Every Super Bowl-winning athlete needs one ultimate accessory – and for Gronk, that’s the Ice Shaker Cup Launched by the big fella’s big brother, Chris Gronkowski, the Ice Shaker is the best shaker bottle on the market, but what else would you expect from the premiere family in the NFL? (And MLB, we’ve got your back, Gordie Jr.). The Ice Shaker is the ultimate new stainless steel shaker bottle, protein mixing cup and insulated water bottle -- and we're gonna to tell you WHY! Now that Rob and Glenn Gronkowski are back at Patriots’ practice, you can be sure they’re...

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