5PRO Protein Cookies - 3 Pack Variety Pack (Kosher & Gluten Free)

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All of our cookies are Kosher and Gluten FREE

Finally a protein cookie that is healthy and still tastes like a cookie!  5PRO's cookies contain at least 16g of protein per cookie and are a great solution for an on the go snack or meal replacement. Try all 3 flavors & find your favorite!


About 5PRO Nutrition:

Growing up, we were 5 brothers who looked up to each other and pushed each other to be the best we could be. And we used that drive and competitive spirit to transform these 5 bros into 5 pro athletes.

We were raised to do everything that you can to help the team out. So that’s what we’ve been working hard on -- partnering with a family-owned bakery -- to bring that to you: a tastier and easier way to eat healthy.

So welcome to our family, welcome to our team.

To being your best you,
The Gronkowski Brothers



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