Ice Shaker X Pit Viper Kit

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About the Ice Shaker X Pit Viper Kit

Introducing the Ice Shaker X Pit Viper Kit! This awesome kit comes with one 26oz Ice Shaker & one pair of Classic Pit Viper Sunglasses.

Ice Shaker's Insulated Bottle is radically hidden by double wall stainless steel insulation and decorated with neon splatters, so your ice-cold drink will know it's time to party before it even hits your lips. Hold on tight to Ice Shaker's flip-up handle as you break out your best dance moves and get ready to sip easily with the easy open pop-top lid. Our floating drinking vessels will never let you down at a pool party, so slap on your shades, put the Ice Shaker's internal measurement lines to use and get ready to demand respect. 

Complete the look with the matching Pit Viper Sunglasses. Black and neon splatter; a classic Pit Viper design now with advanced 2000s Technology. These shades are Z87+ Safety Rated with 100% UV Protection so you can explore the cosmos with confidence. 

An banner that stretches across the width of the page. On it is the Pit Viper Logo outlined in a bright green color with splashes of light green all over the banner. In the center of the banner is a man in a black tank, wearing the Pit Viper X Ice Shaker Sunglasses and extending his hand above his head as he pours water into his mouth from the Custom Pit Viper 26oz Ice Shaker
An image of the internal measurement lines that are in the Custom Pit Viper 26oz Ice Shaker. This image shows the 5oz/150ml measurement line, the 10oz/30ml measurement line, the 15oz/450ml measurement line, and the 20oz/600ml measurement line.

Internal Measurement Lines

The Pit Viper 26oz Ice Shaker features 5oz, 10oz, 15oz, and 20oz internal measurement lines to help you mix up the perfect concoction.

This image shows a young, hispanic man sitting up against a chain-linked fence. The sun is shining bright on him as he wears the Ice Shaker X Pit Viper Sun Glasses. He holds a baseball bat in his hand and next to him is the Custom Pit Viper 26oz Ice Shaker.

Take Them Anywhere

Whether you're gettin' in a sweat sesh at the gym or playing ball with the boys, the Ice Shaker will keep your beverage of choice ice-cold for 30+ hours!

The Custom Pit Viper 26oz Ice Shaker and Pit Viper Sunglasses are next to each other on a concrete platform. Behind them are high-rise buildings.

Ready for Anything

Pit Viper's Monster Bull glasses paired with the Pit Viper Ice Shaker create a combo that everyone will be jealous of! Grab yours today before this exclusive kit runs out!