Nick "The Mutant" Walker Custom One Gallon Jug - Navy

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About the Ice Shaker One Gallon Jugs

After getting a phone call from 4x Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski requesting a jug that would keep his water cold all day to help him stay hydrated through summer practices in Tampa, FL, we came up with the perfect solution - the One Gallon Jug!

Constructed from premium, kitchen-grade stainless steel, the Ice Shaker® One Gallon Jug will not absorb odors, will not leave behind a metallic taste (unlike most metal jugs and bottles), and is double wall vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cold for 60+ hours and prevent condensation from building up on the outside of the jug. For easy sipping, the One Gallon Jug comes with our Sport Straw that regulates the flow of liquid so that you're only taking in as much liquid as YOU want! The unique multi-purpose lid lets you sip water through the integrated flip-up Sport Straw or chug/pour your drink by twisting off the Sport Straw Lid.

For easy carrying, the One Gallon Jug comes with a durable and sturdy handle so that you can take your Ice Shaker One Gallon Jug anywhere you go! Take your hydration to the next level and keep your water ice cold all day with Ice Shaker's One Gallon Jug.

More Than Just a Jug

Ice Shaker Jugs are easy to carry and are made from kitchen-grade stainless steel that is durable, strong, and ready for everyday use. The double wall vacuum insulation design promises to keep your beverage ice-cold for 60+ hours while the versatile lid lets you sip or pour your beverages. Stay hydrated with Ice Shaker's Insulated Half Gallon Jugs!

This image shows a red black ombre-colored One Gallon Jug in a gym setting. It's being held by the handle that's built into the lid of the Jug.

Easy to Carry

The strong and durable handle on the Half Gallon Jug is built into the lid and makes carrying your jug easy and convenient.

a black-colored One Gallon Jug and a Red Black Ombre-colored One Gallon Jug sitting on a bench in a gym. There are two men working out in the background.

Keeps You Hydrated

The double wall vacuum insulated design will keep your ice-cold water ice cold for 60+ hours, encouraging you to come back for more refreshing water, keeping you hydrated while you're in the gym or on the road. Plus, the design makes it so that your jug will never sweat or leave a water-ring behind.

This Ice Shaker Jug Size Chart gives the dimensions of the half Gallon Jug and the One Gallon Jug. Half-Gallon Jug Dimensions: Capacity = 64oz. Height = 10 inches Diameter of Jug = 5.65 inches. One Gallon Jug Dimensions: Capacity = 128oz. Height = 13 inches Diameter of Jug = 7.35 inches.

The Perfect Size

Ice Shaker's Insulated Jugs come in two popular sizes: half gallon or one gallon. Both sizes feature a durable yet lightweight design that makes these jugs easy to carry around and drink from.

Dual Flow Lid

The versatile Dual Flow Lid lets you easily sip your beverage from the Flip Up Sport Straw or pour your beverage by twisting the Flip Up Sport Straw off. When not in use, the lid is 100% leak-proof so that you don't have to worry about spills.