Join The Steel Squad

Are you made of STEEL

We think you are!

You are just a couple short clicks away from joining an elite group known as The Steel Squad.  Our core mission:

Rid the world of smelly, sweaty, and flimsy plastic bottles

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Encourage everyone to live a healthier and more active lifestyle

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Get Ice Shaker bottles in the hands of anyone plagued by the money pit of continually buying decrepit plastic bottles

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Joining the Squad is easy and FREE! Simply sign up for an account here and then click the Steel Squad logo in the bottom right of the screen to access your custom URL. 

Click To Join Steel Squad

This custom URL will lead your friends to the website and offer them a chance to sign up for the squad.  Upon signing up they will receive an exclusive 10% off coupon.  Once they make a purchase, you will receive a $10 credit that can be used for your next purchase.  There is NO LIMIT on how many credits you may earn!

Additional perks of membership include, but are not limited to: exclusive content delivered directly to your inbox, members-only discounts, exclusive Ice Shaker "extras", and early-bird access to new product offerings!  

Ice Shaker Founder

Join the team, because


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