Are you made of STEEL
We think you are!

You are just a couple short clicks away from joining an elite group known as The Steel Squad.  Our core mission:

Rid the world of smelly, sweaty, and flimsy plastic bottles

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Encourage everyone to live a healthier and more active lifestyle

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Get Ice Shaker bottles in the hands of anyone plagued by the money pit of continually buying decrepit plastic bottles

Frequently asked questions about our Affiliate Program

How does an affiliate get paid?

There are 3 options for payments: Paypal, Bank Transfer or Store Credit.  Payment will be made at the end of the month unless otherwise requested.  
Please note: Once an affiliate is paid $600 or more, a w-9 must be filled out and sent over before payments are made. 

How are the sales tracked?

When you sign up, you will have access to a dashboard.  Each Affiliate can generate a customer URL code that will track the sales.  After someone clicks your custom link, they will be cookie'd and any purchase made from that device in the next 30 days will count as a sale towards your account. 

How do I get my own discount code?

We do not issue custom discount codes for multiple reasons. Discount websites are very good at scanning social media and re-posting discount codes.  We also feel that using discount codes in your posts and content comes off as inauthentic and leads to lower sales.  For this reason we use custom links only that will track the clicks and the sales of the link. 

Where should I share my custom link?

Share your link everywhere!  It works great in text messages, emails, and social posts.  For social platforms like Instagram and Tiktok that will not let you share a link, you can place it in your bio.  

I made a sale but I didn't get credit for it, what do I do? 

Please contact us at with the name and order number of the person that you referred and we will make sure the sale is credited to your account.