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Introducing, The Bottle Caddy


The Bottle Caddy

Storage That Fits Your Lifestyle

The Bottle Caddy easily slides over any of our 36oz, 26oz and 20oz bottles and tumblers, allowing you to take items such as your phone, keys, credits cards, earbuds and everything in between.  With Bottle Caddy, anywhere your bottle goes, your most important belongings go with it.

Bottle Caddy
Bottle Caddy

16oz & 26oz Bottle Lids

Flex Lid

Flex Lid - For 26oz or 16oz Shaker Bottles

Shaker Lid

Shaker Lid - 26oz or 16oz Shaker Bottles

Tumbler Lids

Skinny Tumbler Lid(for 12oz & 20oz Skinny Tumblers)

20oz Skinny Tumbler Replacement Lid

Stemless Tumbler Lid

slider lid



36oz and 20oz Shaker Lids

Shaker Lid for 36oz Bottles
Shaker Lid - 20oz Skinny Shaker Bottle

Silicone Base(Only fits our newer 20oz tumblers & bottles)

Silicone Base (will only fit newer model bottles)
Seal for 26oz Bottles