3 Budget-Friendly Shaker Bottle Recipes

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Protein shakes can be an essential addition to your daily diet, providing your body with both energy and aiding your muscles in the growth process–but protein powder can be expensive. Don’t let pricey supplement powder scare you away from integrating shakes in your diet.

As long as you can identify a beneficial protein powder, you can find cheaper brands that do the job without breaking the bank. Once you’ve found a protein powder that works for you, try using these three essential recipes that don’t require many extra ingredients but still add some variety to your shakes. Then, check out even more protein shake recipes.

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Purchase a Versatile Protein Powder Flavor

Wherever you go shopping for your protein powder, you’ll notice a plethora of flavor options to give your favorite supplement a more appealing taste. If you’ve researched protein shake recipes before, you’ve probably noticed that many of them require different flavored powders, which will quickly get expensive if you start buying every type you come across. Instead, invest in just a large container of 100 percent whey powder and add additional flavors as you please. Or, decide on a versatile flavor that you’ll enjoy (like 5PRO Chocolate or 5PRO Vanilla) and can easily add to dozens of different recipes.

Swap Milk for Water

If you’re looking for easy ways to cut costs, try mixing your protein powder with water instead of milk or almond milk. Though you can purchase milk for just a few dollars at the store, if you’re using it in your shakes every day, you’ll notice that you’re running through it quickly, which can become a larger expense than you realize. Many people enjoy the taste and consistency of milk-based protein shakes over water-based, but if you find a quality protein powder that you enjoy the taste of, you likely won’t even notice the difference.

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Invest in Cheap, Extra Ingredients

Simply mixing protein powder and milk or water can get boring very quickly, even with the tastiest of protein powders. To blend delicious-yet-affordable protein shakes, you should invest in a handful of inexpensive ingredients that can add an interesting flavor to your shakes. PBfit peanut butter powder is one of the best ingredients to have on hand because it has additional protein and can be used in dozens of recipes. Cocoa powder is another great additive to purchase, particularly if you have unflavored protein powder. Using cocoa powder in your shakes can transform a bland drink into a chocolate-y treat. If you consider yourself more of a vanilla fanatic than a chocolate lover, try using a small splash of vanilla extract in your shakes.

Adding hot coffee or cold brew to your drinks is an excellent way to save money on protein shakes and spare yourself a trip to the coffee shop in the morning. Another fun addition to protein shakes includes mint or chopped ginger, both of which possess health benefits and are fairly accessible and cheap.

Best Budget-Friendly Recipes

Mocha Coffee Protein Shake



Add ice and a splash of liquid to your Ice Shaker first and then mix in the protein powder followed by coffee, cocoa powder and the remaining amount of liquid. If you plan to use hot coffee, be sure to let it cool before adding it to your protein shaker. This recipe can be altered for those using unflavored protein powder by doubling the amount of cocoa powder. Once all the ingredients have been added to the protein shaker, make sure the top is completely closed and give the tumbler a good shake.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake


  • Handful of ice cubes
  • 1 scoop chocolate-flavored protein powder
  • 1 scoop PBfit peanut butter powder
  • 2 cups water, milk or almond milk


First add the ice and liquid to your Ice Shaker bottle followed by the two powders to ensure that the powder does not stick to the bottom of the shaker. Then, simply shake and enjoy. This easy and cheap recipe can be enhanced with a small drizzle of honey.

Vanilla Banana Protein Shake



For this recipe, you will want to use some type of milk over water to help the banana blend into the drink. Add the ice and liquid to your shaker followed by the protein powder and banana before shaking. To ensure that your shake has a smooth consistency, you will want to add some milk and your banana to a blender before mixing it into the shaker bottle.

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