5 Natural "Pump" Supplements

5 Natural "Pump" Supplements
For many of us that go to the gym, one of the best feelings is when your muscles feel full and your skin feels tight.  This occurrence is what most gym goers refer to as the "pump".  There are MANY supplements on the markets that claim to provide the user with "skin tearing pumps".  But, what are in these supplements that aid in vasodilation or, the relaxation of the tiny muscles in our circulatory system that allows more blood to flow to the muscles?  
In this post, we will look at 5 foods that are often times present in pump supplements that may be used as standalone vasodilators or combined to essentially make your own, all natural "pump" supplement.
1.) Beets
Beet root extract is common in pump supplements because it is high in nitrates, which your body converts into nitric oxide.  Try a cold pressed beet juice before going to the gym or mix up some beet root powder with water in your Ice Shaker before you hit the gym.
2.) Cayenne Pepper
Capsaicin, whish is what gives cayenne pepper it's spicy flavor promotes blood flow to tissues because it lowers blood pressure and stimulates the release of nitric oxide and other vasodilators.  This one is a little trickier because it is spicy.  You could mix up cayenne pepper powder into a juice to mask some of the spice but we recommend taking it in pill form.  Be careful, it may cause acid reflux if you are sensitive to spicy foods.
3.) Pomegranate
Much like beets, pomegranates are high in nitrates which are potent vasodilators.  Drinking natural pomegranate juice prior to exercise could help increase your performance and help you achieve that pump you are looking for!
4.) Turmeric
Turmeric has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to help open blood vessels and improve circulation. Research has shown that a compound found in turmeric called curcumin helps increase nitric oxide production, reduce oxidative stress and decrease inflammation.  You can find turmeric in powder form and we recommend mixing with juice for a blood pumping pre workout drink.
5.) Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits are packed with flavonoids which studies have shown to improve blood flow and increase nitric oxide production.  Either eat these fruits whole or  drink natural pressed juice prior to exercise to experience the blood pumping effects.
Make the ultimate pre-workout pump juice!
What you'll need:
1.) Ice Shaker bottle
2.) 500mg Beet Root Extract
3.) 2g Turmeric Root Powder
4.) 4oz Pomegranate Juice
5.) 4oz Orange Juice
Put all ingredients into your Ice Shaker bottle, shake, and drink!  Enjoy 30 minutes prior to exercise for best results.

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