Ice Shaker Travel Tip: The Airport Shake

We all know that traveling can be tough on our diet, because it's oh-so-easy to grab a few chocolate glazed from the airport Dunkin Donuts...but with your Ice Shaker in hand you can easily keep up your health habits even on the road!  We save money and stay healthy with...The Ice Shaker airport shake.  Inspired by celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, the airport shake is super simple to make and will satisfy your cravings.

What you'll need:

An Ice Shaker(16oz. or 26oz.)

One serving of 5Pro Nutrition Whey Protein Powder(can store in a ziplock bag)
One serving of Coconut oil(can buy single serve packs here)
Pro tip: You can take ice through the security checkpoint as long as it's not melted! Of course that won't be a problem as long as you have an Ice Shaker.

Once you are past airport security, you can either get some milk from the nearest coffee shop or just find a water fountain and fill up!  Put protein powder and coconut oil in the filled Ice Shaker, shake it up and BOOM! Your hunger is curbed! The combination of protein and healthy fat from the coconut oil will keep you satisfied for hours.  Now you can walk past the food court without taking a second look at those unhealthy fast food options!

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