Ice Shaker Visits the Phil Heath Fit Expo

Ice Shaker makes a splash at the Phil Health Fit Expo in Arlington, Texas over the past weekend.   Check out some of the pictures and video from the event! 

Chris Gronkowski, Phil Heath, Orlando Vargas

We would like to thank Phil Heath for not flexing on Chris Gronk and Orlando Vargas.

Ice Shaker Booth at Phil Heath Fit Expo

 The event was a huge hit and tons of fitness minded fans were pumped to learn about the Ice Shaker.  Most people loved that the Ice Shaker cup wasn't just great for protein shakes, but that it can be used as a water bottle, for coffee, BCAAs, Ice Tea, lemonade, and even martinis and cocktails.  Other fans loved the fact that is holds ice for over 30 hours!  There is nothing better than a cold drink during a hot Texas summer workout.  And finally fans were really happy about the kitchen grade stainless steel bottle.  The fact that the stainless steel mixing cup does not absorb odor is a huge plus for anyone that has run across a smelly plastic shaker.  

Doing work at the Phil Heath fit expo #iceshaker #drinkclean #drinkicecold #fitnessexpo #philheath

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Check out CEO Chris Gronkowski enjoying his first fitness expo.  You can bet that Ice Shaker will be at more fit expos in the near future. 

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