"The Cookie Gronkster" Protein Shake Recipe

"The Cookie Gronkster" Protein Shake Recipe

Just because Rob Gronkowski isn't hitting the field, that doesn't mean he hasn't stopped hitting the gains train. And as every knowledgable fitness enthusiast knows, muscles aren't built in the gym, but the kitchen.

Rob Gronkowski is a huge fan of getting those easy grams of protein in daily with shakes, but they can become oh-so-boring when you make them too often. So it's time to step aside, boring protein shakes, because THE COOKIE GRONKSTER is in town!

The Recipe

What You'll Need:


  1. Mix all ingredients into an electric blender
  2. Blend the ingredients together for 45-60 seconds or until fully blended to your preference
  3. Pour the Cookie Gronkster into your favorite 26oz Ice Shaker Bottle to keep it cold!


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