The Killa Gorilla Back Workout

Killa Gorilla back workout

Return of the BACK 🎵!!!! #workoutwednesday .We got some great feedback from you all last time we posted a workout so we figured we’d make it a regular thing💪!! We’re sticking with the HIGH VOLUME theme to pump up your back to gorilla-like proportions 🦍!!!! Shout out to @gronkfitness, provider of the awesome equipment we were going #beastmode on!!


You can see in the video @chrisgronkowski is crushing not all, but some of the exercises from the workout sheet included in this post.  Yeah, we take our training seriously, we also like to have fun in the process!!! He even went rogue and threw in a couple curveball exercises...oh, and decided to hit one too!!! ⚾
Did he really just call out @arod and @gordiegronk ???😅
The workout:
✅Pull ups-3️x1️2️ Tempo: 1️-1️-3️-1️
✅Cable Rope Lat Pushdown-4️sets. See reps on workout sheet!
-Neutral Grip Cable Row
-Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
-4️ sets each. See workout sheet for rep count.
✅Superset 2:
-Bent Over Barbell Row- using a supinated(underhand grip). Hands slightly wider than shoulders.
-Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns-Supinated grip shoulder width apart.
3️⃣ sets each.  See workout sheet for rep count.
Rest 1️-2️ minutes between sets.  I recommend resting closer to 1️ minute between descending sets and 2️ minutes as you bump the weight up!
There you have it! After smashing this workout you’ll feel like someone can project a movie(King Kong perhaps?)onto your back 🎥 🍿!!!🤣
Check it out, try it, and let us know what you think!! More to come💪💪💪
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