What Makes Our Shaker Bottle Different?

Shaker Bottles

These days, you’ll find dozens of protein shaker bottles on the market. And, while many of these products will get the job done, they all seem to have slight design flaws–from not keeping drinks cold for an extended period of time to including noisy shaker elements. When designing our bottle, we tested many of these products for ourselves to identify these issues so that our Ice Shaker bottles would eliminate many of the most common problems and provide our customers with the best protein shaker experience.

 Tapered Design

Tapered Design

One of the biggest flaws we found with even some of our favorite shaker bottles was the difficulty with cleaning many of these products. Many of the protein shaker cups out there either have a slim design, which allows them to fit into cup holders but makes it very challenging to reach your hand inside while cleaning, or they are designed to be wider, allowing users to clean them more easily but preventing them from easily sliding into cup holders. All of our Ice Shaker protein bottles feature a tapered figure purposely created to fit into any cup holder so you no longer have to hang on to your shaker while driving but also making the cleaning process simple.


Stainless Steel Doesn’t Trap Odors

Avid protein shake drinkers often test several products before finding a favorite. Though plastic bottles are convenient and create less noise when shaking, they tend to absorb odors after several uses giving the bottle a funky smell or adding unwanted flavors to future protein shakes. Made from stainless steel, Ice Shaker cups are odor-free no matter how many times you use them. Even if you make the all-too-common mistake of leaving your protein shaker uncleaned for a day or two, once washed, the Ice Shaker will retain no trace of your previous shake, leaving you with a fresh bottle each time you use it.


Double-Wall Vacuum Seal

Designed with two walls of insulation, our Ice Shaker bottles guarantee your drink will stay cold for more than 30 hours. The vacuum seal helps to trap the temperature of your shake and retain this temp for an extended period of time. Since drinking a protein shake before and after hitting the gym is extremely beneficial for energizing your body and promoting muscle growth, many people will drink half a shake before the gym and the other half immediately following a workout.


When testing other products, we realized that our shakes were often warm by the time we finished up at the gym. Even the tastiest of protein shakes can taste bad after getting warm, so we made sure to incorporate technology that keeps your drinks colder for longer. Now, there’s no need to worry that after a few hours your shake will have warmed up.


Easy and Secure Pop-Top

No other protein shaker features both the vacuum-sealed double insulation of the Ice Shaker while also including a pop-top. Screw caps can be pesky when trying to drink your shake in your car as the bumps in the road often cause spills–and we’ve all forgotten to screw the cap on tight enough once or twice only to accidentally slosh water or shakes all over. Caps with a straw design seem convenient at first but usually become clogged with protein powder or begin to wear out at the mouthpiece over time, making it necessary to replace this piece often.


Instead, our pop-top design securely keeps your drink inside its container and completely rids users of the need to constantly unscrew the cap. With the pop-top design, you can easily drink your shake on the go without the worry of spills.


Screw-On Agitator

Screw-On Agitator

To ensure that your shake is mixed smoothly, our Ice Shaker bottles include a plastic BPA-free agitator that easily screws into the pop-top. A device used to add and mix additional ingredients, the agitator is an essential part to any protein shaker bottle. It’s used to incorporate protein powder into your chosen liquid (water or milk) or can be utilized to infuse fresh fruits into water.

Many protein shaker cups use a metal shaker piece that can create unnecessary noise when shaking your drink. Our agitator gets rid of this annoying sound while also creating one less piece for you to keep track of. Though the agitator does detach from the top for easy cleaning, it quickly screws into the top, making it more difficult to lose than the separate metal shaker ball used in other designs.

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