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Spring is Here! Are you Ready?

Wednesday marked the first official day of Spring!  Now, we know that it may not exactly feel like that in some places but it's time to start thinking about swimming pools, beaches, and fun in the sun!  Are you ready to shed that winter coat for that colorful "new" swimsuit you got for 50% off back in November?  I know I am!
As you start envisioning how you will spend your leisure time this Spring and Summer, chances are, there will be drinks of some sort involved.  Ice Shaker is here to make sure that all of your beverages stay ice cold even on the hottest of days! To simplify things, we made a list of all of our drink-ware products and described the many ways they may be used to ensure a refreshing experience with every sip!
Ice Shaker poolside
Here we go!
This bottle is really THE jack of all trades when it comes to functionality(and style!).  Constructed of kitchen grade stainless steel and double wall vacuum insulated, the 26oz Ice Shaker will keep drinks ice cold for OVER 30 hours.  It features a spill/leak proof lid so you'll never have to worry about opening your backpack, purse, gym bag, etc only to find your valuables soaking wet.  In addition, our pop top spout makes it easy to open with just one hand!  It also features our patented, removable agitator, perfect for crushing supplement powders, mixing cocktails, straining ice, and infusing your beverage with fresh fruit!  It's the perfect bottle to keep your beverage ice cold at the pool/beach.  The sun is no match for this bottle and glass(banned at most pools) and aluminum cans don't stand a chance against the heat!
Best uses: Ice water, protein, pre-workout, bcaa's, cocktails, beer, soda everything else!
Best places: Office, gym, pool, beach, backyard, car, airport, airplane, cruise ship, golf course, playground, hiking trails, kayak, boat....EVERYWHERE ELSE!
36oz Ice Shaker
Everything the 26oz bottle has to offer PLUS 10 more ice cold ounces!  This beast will keep your drink ice cold for over 40 hours AND conveniently fits in all standard size cup holders(nobody else can offer this!).
Best uses: Ice water, protein, pre-workout, bcaa's, cocktails, beer, soda everything else!
Best places: Office, gym, pool, beach, backyard, car, airport, airplane, cruise ship, golf course, playground, hiking trails, kayak, boat....EVERYWHERE ELSE!
16oz Ice Shaker Black/red
The little brother of the 26oz and 36oz Ice Shaker.  Offers all of the features found in it's older siblings but in a compact package.  Excellent for those who are looking for the highest quality bottle that can fit into just about any bag!
Best uses: Ice water, protein, pre-workout, bcaa's, cocktails, beer, soda everything else!
Best places: Office, gym, pool, beach, backyard, car, airport, airplane, cruise ship, golf course, playground, hiking trails, kayak, boat....EVERYWHERE ELSE!
20oz Skinny Steel Tumbler product page
When mixing is not necessary but unrelenting style is a must, look no further than the 20oz Skinny Steel tumbler.  Like all of our drink-ware products, the 20oz Skinny is constructed of kitchen-grade stainless steel and is double wall vacuum insulated.  It's skinny design fits comfortably in hands of all sizes.  A variety of patterns and colors make this beauty a must-have for Spring and Summer leisure activities!  They feature a secure, push-down slider lid and reusable/removable tritan straw for easy sipping.  
Best uses: Ice water, cocktails, beer, coffee(hot or iced), tea(hot or cold), soda, and essential oils
Best places: Office, pool, beach, backyard, car, airport, cruise ship, playground, boat, couch
12oz wine tumbler-floral
This is the ultimate wine cup!  It will keep your wine ice cold for up to 9 hours!  Like wine at room temperature?  No problem!  It will hold the temperature of your wine steady for over 3 hours ensuring the perfect sip every time.  Even if you don't drink wine, this cup is for you!  It is also great for coffee, tea, water, and...ice cream??? Yes, you read that correctly!  THE 12oz Wine tumbler makes for an amazing ice cream cup!  It will keep your dessert from melting and it's wide, rounded design make it easy to eat ice cream out of!
Best uses: Wine, ice water, cocktails, coffee(hot or iced), tea(hot or cold), soda, essential oils, and ice cream.
Best places: Home, backyard, pool, beach, cruise ship, bathtub, boat, office
12oz Skinny Mini Tumbler
Exactly like the 20oz Skinny tumbler but a little smaller.  We designed this tumbler primarily for kids because it is skinny enough to be held by a child and short enough to make it more difficult to knock over.  Features a secure, push-down slider lid and shortened reusable tritan straw.  Though it's great for kids, adults love these cups too!  A smaller alternative to the taller 20oz skinny, it is a great on-the-go cup for short jaunts out of the house or cocktails that don't require much volume!
Best uses: Water, juice, milk, soda, cocktails(adults), and wine(adults)
Best places: Home, school, backyard, playground, pool, beach, cruise ship, car seat, stroller
6oz Champagne flute
Designed specifically for keeping champagne properly chilled for hours, the 6oz champagne flute is a must have for any and all celebrations that call for some bubbly!  Various colors and patterns available to match your unique style!  It also features a secure, push-down lid to prevent spillage during enthusiastic toasts!
Best uses: Champagne, wine
Best places: Parties, home, pool, beach, cruise ship, boat
24oz tumbler
Just released, the 24oz tumbler is a great utility cup for those looking for a reliable beverage vessel to keep their drinks ice cold or piping hot for hours while still providing a lot of volume.  The 24oz tumbler features a tapered design similar to a pint glass and a secure, push down lid for easy sipping action.  With an elegantly simple look and feel make this tumbler is your new everyday utility cup!
Best uses: Beer, water, coffee(hot or iced), tea(hot or cold), cocktails, juice, essential oils, soda, milk, smoothies...Everything else!
Best places: Home, office, car, airport, pool, beach, cruise ship, boat, class, tailgate,_____fill in the blank
30oz Pilsner Cup
Ok, so this cup is all about the BEER!  There is nothing quite as dissatisfying as getting 2/3 of the way through your beer only to have to muscle down the last few gulps cause it warmed up.  On the other hand, there are few things as satisfying and refreshing as taking a sip of ice cold liquid gold.  We took these ideas and maximized the good and crushed out the bad.  With the 30oz Pilsner cup you will never have to worry about drinking warm beer again no matter how slowly you may be sipping!  The 30oz Pilsner cup ensures that your beer is refreshing and ice cold from first sip to last.
Best uses: Beer
Best places: Home, pool, beach, cruise ship, boat, backyard, parties, tailgating,  anywhere you want an ice cold brew!
There you have it!  Now you'll be prepared for whatever your Spring and Summer may have in store for you!
Check out the full collection HERE!

So Much More than a Shaker Bottle!

If you haven't heard about how Ice Shaker was started, here's a little recap...Former NFL Fullback, Chris Gronkowski had recently retired from football and was back living in a suburb just outside of Dallas, TX.  If you have ever been to Texas in the summertime, you know it is HOT!  Chris was on his way to the gym and had filled up one(of many) of his plastic shaker bottles with ice and water.  He placed the bottle in his cup holder and by the time he got to the gym(only a several minute drive), most of the ice had melted and his cup holder now resembled a tiny swimming pool due to condensation.  He thought to himself, "There's got to be something better than this!"  After his workout, he scoured the internet, looking for something that would not only serve to shake up his supplement powders but, to keep ice for extended periods of time without the bottle sweating all over the place...As you can imagine(pre Ice Shaker days, of course) he couldn't find anything that offered the versatility that he needed.  Right then and there he decided that he would have to solve this problem on his own and set out to create...The Ultimate Bottle.
Chris Gronkowski Ice Shaker
A mere six months after that, Chris found himself face to face with five incredibly successful entrepreneurs on the hit ABC television show, Shark Tank.  After presenting the Ice Shaker, it was evident that all five sharks wanted a piece of Ice Shaker.  Offers were made by all five and Chris ultimately decided to partner with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez.  Nearly two years later, here we are.  Ice Shaker is thriving and continually making waves in the insulated drink-ware industry.  We have made several improvements to the 26oz Ice Shaker bottle since it's inception and people are taking notice(lot's of people!).  Initially created as a supplement shaker bottle, it has quickly realized a competitive position in the insulated water bottle category.  It offers everything that competitors in the industry have, plus A LOT more!  
Ice Shaker on Shark Tank
So, aside from mixing your supplement powders, what can the Ice Shaker bottle do?  Well, for starters, it can hold ice for over 30 hours putting it ahead of most in the insulated water bottle category.  Due to the airtight seal featured on the lid and tapered bottle design, it locks in the cold and keeps your beverage icy for longer than most anyone may require.  In addition to being airtight, spill, and leak proof, the lid features the traditional "pop-top" opening mechanism that has been found on traditional shaker bottles for years.  It is easy to open with only a flick of the thumb but is secure enough to ensure it won't open up in your gym bag, purse, backpack, etc.  Ice Shaker has taken the best elements of insulated water bottles and traditional shaker bottles and combined them into one, utility bottle.
Ice Shaker X-Ray Image
Moving on to another feature unique to Ice Shaker, the removable agitator....For those of you who have used plastic shaker bottles in the past, you are likely familiar with the "springy ball" for mixing supplement powders.  You are probably also familiar with the rattling sound it makes when the bottle is not full.  Every time someone walks into a room with one of these bottles I feel like yelling "Yahtzee"!  Late for class or an important meeting and trying to sneak in undetected?  Better ditch the plastic bottle for an Ice Shaker.  We wanted better way to mix supplement powders so we came up with the removable agitator!  It screws on to the bottom of the lid and pulverizes any powder that it comes in contact with, all while staying completely silent in the process.   Great for mixing supplements, it is, but it also adds to the versatility of the Ice Shaker bottle.  Pack the agitator with fresh fruit and allow it to bask in the ice cold water within your bottle for a refreshing, fruit infused drinking experience.  Like mixing up cocktails?  Use the agitator as the perfect mixer and strainer as you shake up your ice cold martinis throughout the evening.  Ready for this one?  Use your Ice Shaker to mix up pancake/waffle batter and pour it right into the pan or waffle iron for the cleanest breakfast making experience of your life!  
Ice Shaker bottle lid
These are just a few of the many functions that the Ice Shaker can perform.  Get yours today and see why Ice Shaker is, The Ultimate Bottle!
Ice Shaker Color Bottles

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