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The Top 3 ways to keep your drinks ice cold (these are genius!)

How to keep your drinks ice cold in a steaming hot car

Who has had this happen to them? Your driving around in the hot summer heat and you accidentally leave your water bottle in the car. You come back and are so thirsty but when you go to take a sip it is boiling hot and you can't even drink it! Not anymore, leave your Ice Shaker in your steaming hot car that is baking in the 100 degree sun and come back 2 hours later from shopping, a ball game or getting a pump in at the gym and take a nice refreshing ice cold sip from your Ice Shaker bottle.

 The #1 way to keep your drink ice cold

The ice shaker 26oz bottle as seen in the video above will hold ice for over 30 hours in a 75 degree room. When tested in the blazing hot truck, the bottle held ice for over 24 hours!  The 26oz Ice Shaker is the ultimate utility cup and used for almost anything.  Each Ice Shaker comes with an easy open pop top lid that is great for sipping on your favorite drink while your driving.  The removable twist in agitator is great for breaking up powders or mixing your favorite cocktail, and the measurement markings inside the bottle let you know exactly how much you are drinking.

Ice Shaker Bottle in cup holder

The 26oz Ice Shaker is ideal for keeping your drinks ice cold on a boat

The #2 best way to keep your drink ice cold

The Ice Shaker skinny steel tumblers are idea for sipping your favorite ice cold drinks. Each skinny steel tumbler comes with a straw and will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours.  The skinny bottle is stylish and easy to hold and is a huge favorite for bringing to the beach or the pool.  The sweat free bottle does not allow sand to stick to it!  Personalize one of our skinny steel bottles for your next vacation or event and sip on your favorite ice cold drink all day long. 

Skinny Steel Ice Shaker

Personalize any of our bottles for special events or gifts

The #3 best way to keep your drinks cold

The Ice Shaker 16oz shaker bottle is convenient on the go bottle.  With the same features as the 26oz bottle, the 16oz Ice Shaker will keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours.  Choose from 8 different color combinations, the Ice Shaker bottle collections will satisfy anyone's need for an ice cold drink.

16oz ice shaker bottle

The agitator also works great as a fruit infuser

To check out our full line on insulated bottles that will keep your drink ice cold, visit our shop here.





The #1 Golf Gift of 2018 (Give a gift he will actually use!)

These golf gifts will be the best gift you give to a golfer.

Do you know someone that loves to golf and you want to get them an awesome gift?  Golf balls always work, until they hit them all into the woods the first week and golf clubs have to be custom fitted and are expensive.  But there is one gift that every golfer will love.

We all know that there is a lot of drinking going on during a round of golf.  This may be water, your favorite sports drink or the relaxing adult beverage.  That is why the Ice Shaker makes the best golf gifts

Golf Gifts

The Ice Shaker will keep your drink ice cold during your entire round of golf.

The Ice Shaker is a double wall vacuum insulated shaker bottle that will hold ice for over 30 hours in a 75 degree room.  Bring it out on the golf course and it will keep your drinks ice cold leaving you with a nice refreshing drink on a hot day.  The Ice Shaker fits into all standard size cup holders including golf carts and the black powder coating will not scratch inside the rough cart cup holders. 

Ice Shaker's easy open pop top lid is perfect for taking a sip of your favorite drink in between putting, driving and draining birdies.  Oh yeah, the Ice Shaker also has a removable twist in agitator that is perfect for mixing energy powders or making your favorite cocktail. 

Make your golf gifts extra with customization

Did you know that we offer personalization on our bottles?  Make this golf gift extra special with a clever golf saying, or customize with a name or monogram.  Our insulated bottles make the perfect gift for corporate golf tournaments!

Water Bottles for Golf

Check out our custom shop here to personalize any of our insulated shaker bottles!

The Difference Between Whey Isolate and Whey Protein

Is whey isolate worth the extra price? 

So what is the difference between whey isolate and whey protein?  Well one noticeable thing that stands out is the difference in price.  But why is why isolate more expensive and is it worth the extra price?  


Whey Isolate protein powder

What is whey?

Whey is the bi-product you get when making cheese.  Yes this is actually the waste product for cheese makers. Once you remove the water and casein content, you are left with whey protein.
Whey protein concentrate is possibly the world's most popular sports supplement today. Whey protein is considered a complete protein as it contains all 9 essential amino acids and is low in lactose content.  Whey protein is widely considered to be the most efficient and economical form of protein for the body to digest and use. Whey protein concentrate is micro-filtered to produce ultra pure protein. This process ensures that the protein stays intact and as pure as it can be. It also allows the powder to mix easily in a shaker bottle and achieve a creamy and smooth blend, leaving you the perfect protein shake. Whey protein concentrate is rich in both BCAA's and glutamine making it an ideal protein to help build muscle and help with recovery.

So What Is Whey Protein Isolate Then? And why is it more expensive?

The protein content of whey protein isolate has a protein content of around 90%. Compare this to whey protein concentrate that has a protein content of around 80% and you will start to see why the price is more for isolate.  This increase in protein content in whey isolate is because whey protein isolate undergoes a process called Cross-Flow Micro-filtration. This separates the protein from fat, cholesterol and lactose meaning a cleaner and more pure protein.
Whey protein isolate is believed to have less fat, cholesterol, lactose, carbohydrates and calories than most other proteins. For this reason it is a common choice for those looking to maintain low levels of body fat but still get the required amount of protein to help their muscles repair and recover. 
Whey Protein Powder

Whey Concentrate Vs Whey Isolate

So is the isolate worth the extra price?  That's a question that only you can answer. Many body builders will use isolate at the end of their training to get into the perfect show shape.  When asked why they don't always use isolate, lots of bodybuilders will answer that the price is not worth the results.  Is your diet strict enough that you are going to notice the difference? If so, then the price may be worth it for you, but if you are having a cheat meal every other day then isolate most likely is not for you.