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The Best Tailgating Gear For 2017

College football has started and the NFL preseason is on the way.  This is the perfect time to gear up for your first tailgate and make sure you have everything you need for an epic time.   For many football fans, the tailgate party pre party for the big game and a time to impressive your friends and hound the opposing team's fans. It’s a chance to toss the pigskin around and pretend you have the skills to play in the big leagues yourself, eat grilled meat and drink a lot of beer and adult beverages before yelling at professional be real athletes. If your tailgate game is strong enough, you might not even care who’s winning and who’s losing by the time starts. To make your pre-gaming as successful as possible, check out the best tailgating gear for 2017!

1. The Ice Shaker 

Personalized Ice Shaker Bottle

The perfect cup for your tailgate party.  This stainless steel shaker bottle will keep your drinks ice cold for over 30 hours all without having to worry about your hands getting cold.  The ice shaker is perfect for mixing and pouring shots while you cheers to your favorite player racking up points for your team and more importantly your fantasy team.  Take the top off your ice shaker and it becomes the perfect wide mouth 26oz insulated beer cup that will allow you to chug brewskis in just seconds.  And when you had enough fun, your Ice Shaker work's great as a water bottle to help you get hydrated after the game or the next morning.  Don't forget that your Ice Shaker can be personalized with your name, logo or favorite chant! 

2.  The Gronk Ball

Gronk Ball

This is the ultimate tailgate football!  Not only is it the perfect size to toss around the parking lot, this ball features a blue tooth speaker that will bump music for 5 hours and up to 90 feet.  Put your phone in between the two of you and toss this ball 60 yards without losing your blue tooth connection!  Don't forget the Gronk Ball is also water resistant in case you spill a few drinks on it.  And one of the best features of all, the Gronk Ball lights up and both the laces and the strips on the ball change colors to match your favorite teams.  

3. Can Jam

ground can jam

You always need to bring some classic tail gate games.  Can jam is one of these games and is perfect for sipping some drinks and tossing a frisbee.  Each player must have a drink in their one hand, and must either their other hand to throw and slam the frisbee into the can.  Some other great tailgate party games include corn hole, flip cup, and beer pong.  

4. Pop Up Canopy

New England Patriots Pop up tent

A canopy is a must have for any legit tail gate party.  You don't want to be stuck in the blazing heat or caught out in the rain.  Keep your food out of the sun and your beers nice and cool under an easy to set up pop up canopy.  


Of course you can't forget all the essentials of a great tailgating party.  Make sure you have some awesome meats, tons of appetizers, and lots of alcoholic drinks.  A good size grill and a TV with satellite is a big bonus.  

What is a good shaker bottle?

What is a good shaker bottle? 

So you just started hitting the gym and you have noticed that everyone at the gym is carrying around shaker bottles.  As you start hitting the weights more and more you may want to take supplements that help you gain muscle mass, lose weight or recover from a hard workout.  This is when you will want to get a good shaker bottle.  A good shaker bottle will allow you to mix protein powders, pre workout, vitamins and other supplements that you need to mix.  

So what separates the good shaker bottles from the bad ones?  There are quite a few ideal features that your bottle must have. 

1.  Odor resistant bottle

The last thing you want to do is leave your protein shake residue in your shaker bottle.  The smell is awful and extremely hard to get out.  If you have a plastic bottle the odor is absorb into the plastic and pretty much impossible to remove the stink!  Good protein shaker bottles are made of kitchen grade stainless steel.  Stainless steel does not absorb odor making it ideal for protein shakers.  If you do leave protein in your shaker for days it will still stink bad but you will easily be able to clean the smell out of the stainless steel bottles.  

2.  It must be leak proof 

When using a protein shaker cup, the last thing you want is a leaky bottle that will splatter protein all over your kitchen floor.  You want to be able to shake your protein up with some decent power to make sure its smooth and not chunky so your protein shaker better not leak! You also want to be able to throw it in your gym bag without it leaking all over your gym gear.  

3. Easy to transport

We all know how annoying it is when you have bottle that does not fit into your car's cupholders!  The bottle flies across your car every time you turn or put the breaks on. A good shaker bottle must fit into all standard size cupholders and also fit in the pockets of backpacks. 

4. Insulated Bottle

No one wants to drink warm protein shakes or even warm water when they are at the gym.  A good protein shaker cup will be insulated, and a really good one will hold ice for over 24 hours!  The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that water and other drinks be chilled when used during exercise.  Chilled water passes through the stomach faster and is sent to the intestines for quicker absorption. During and after exercise, you want to rapidly replace fluids lost due to sweat, so cold water and cold sports drinks are preferred to room temperature drinks.  Drinking ice cold water keeps your core temperature down while exercising helping to increase endurance and prevent heat exhaustation.  A lot of people find that ice water tastes better and quenches your thirst better than room temperature water allowing you to drink more and stay hydrated.  Another huge benefit of drinking ice cold water is that it burns calories.  Drinking ice cold water can burn up to 8 calories for every cup of water you drink.  This number is not especially significant but over time these calories definitely add up!   

5. Easy Open Pop Top

A good shaker bottle has an easy open top. Pop tops are ideal as you don't have to waste time twisting and unscrewing the lid while you are lifting weights.  Just pop the top and sip your drink and easy close it by popping it back down. 

6. Measurement Marks 

When you are taking supplements or even making a glass of ice tea, you need to be able to measure how much liquid you are adding to your cup.  If you do not have usable measurement marks then your not going to be able to mix your contents properly.  Make sure you grabs yourself a shaker bottle that has measurement markings that are accurate and easy to read.  

7. Easy to Carry

If you have a good shaker cup then you will want to bring it everywhere with you.  Shaker bottles work great not just for mixing, they also work great as a water bottle.  For this reason it must be easy to carry!  A shaker bottle with a handle or lanyard are idea for carrying your bottle around all day long from the gym, to the office, the beach and the pool!  

8.  Easy to Clean & Fill

A good shaker bottle has a wide opening that is extremely easy to fill with powders without spilling.  You also want a wide opening that is easy to clean without having to use a special brush.  There is nothing worse than not being able to get all the protein out of your shaker cup.  

9.  It must mix protein powders well

The main objective of protein shakers is to be able to mix protein powder.  You don't want clumpy protein floating around in your shakes.  Make sure your shaker cup comes with an agitator if it is not insulated.  If it is insulated, you can always throw a few pieces of ice into your bottle to act as an agitator without having to clean up the agitator afterwords.  

10. Sweat Free Bottle

How annoying are those sweat rings all over your furniture and the gym floor?  Grab an insulated bottle do not sweat so you don't have to worry about needing a coaster every time you put your bottle down. 

The Ice Shaker Generation 2 Bottle! 

Now there is only one thing left to do.  You need to find a shaker bottle with all 10 of these awesome features.  Well we did that for you.  Ice Shaker's generation 2 bottle was created by Chris Gronkowski, a former NFL player and fitness enthusiast, and he created the Ice Shaker for his own personal use.  The all new Ice Shaker has all these awesome features and will be launching September, 2017.  Sign up for our newsletter to be updated when the new cup launches or grab an original Ice Shaker today!  

shaker bottles

Pink Water Bottle

Ice Shaker is now in stock in neon pink!  Grab the best pink water bottle and shaker now and hit the gym in style!  

Show off your pink Ice Shaker not just during a workout, but bring it to the office, the pool, the beach, to the airport, in the car, camping, tailgating and everywhere else life takes you!  Ice Shaker is the perfect utility cup and water bottle.  The insulated kitchen grade stainless steel bottle does not absorb odor and will hold ice for over 30 hours in a 75 degree room.  

Stop buying plastic bottles of water and get a reusable water bottle.  Not only does this help the environment, plastic water bottles can leach toxins in your drinking water especially if they are left in the heat.

Plastic water bottles also sweat and leave condensation all over your hands and furniture.  It's time for an insulated bottle that does not sweat! 

Don't forget that we can personalize each and every Ice Shaker just for you!  Personalize it with a name, monogram, motivational quote or even a logo.  It's time to get the best pink water bottle and shaker!

Pink Water Bottle