6 Pack Attack

Chris Gronkowski's 6 Pack Attack Routine

Thank you for signing up!  For this video, we teamed up with MAN Sports Supplements to deliver the ultimate ab  sculpting circuit. Enjoy this ab burning workout and since you are interested in this video, from time to time we will send you new workouts to help get you in peak condition as we gear up for summer. Enjoy! 

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Full workout with video time stamps:

1. Knee Ups-20 reps(0:25)

2. Heel Touches-10 reps(0:35)

3. Reach For The Sky-10 reps(0:50)

4. Raised Heel Touches-10 reps(1:05)

5. Raised Reach For The Sky-10 reps(1:15)

6. Toe Touches-10 reps(1:25)

7. Leg Raises-10 reps(1:35)

8. Scissor Kicks-10 reps(1:50)

9. Sit Ups + Toe Touches-10 reps(2:00)

10. Cross Leg Sit-Ups-10 reps*each side(2:20)

11. Side Crunches-10 reps*each side(2:30)

12. Bicycles-5 reps slow, 10 reps fast(2:55)

13. Patriot Twist-20 reps*each side(3:15)

14. Fruit Roll-Up Finisher-10 reps(3:35)