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Is the Ice Shaker dishwasher safe?

The Ice Shaker is hand wash recommended. If your bottle gets really dirty, toss it on the top rack of the dishwasher and give it a good clean.

Can I customize my bottle?

Yes! We love customizing and making your bottle extra special for you! Check out the custom shop to customize your bottle today. We laser engrave the bottles creating a permanent finish. If there is a certain bottle that is not in the custom shop, we most likely are not able to engrave that color bottle at this time.

How long will the Ice Shaker keep my drink cold?

When filled with only ice, the 26oz bottle will take over 30 hours for the ice to completely melt in a 75 degree room. The amount of ice you put in your cup and the temperature of the liquid added to the cup will greatly affect how long your drink will stay cold. For example, if you put room temperature water into your cup it will immediately melt a lot of the ice and then the ice won't last as long. If you want the Ice to last longer, make sure you add liquids that are already cool or refrigerated.

Will my bottle smell if I leave protein in it for days?

Yes! If you leave protein in your bottle it will smell awful! As great as our stainless steel bottles are, they are not magical. But here's the good part, the kitchen grade bottles does not absorb the odor. You will be able to get that smell out of the bottle with a good wash.

Can I use the Ice Shaker for hot drinks?

Ice Shaker's shaker bottles are not recommended for hot beverages but the skinny steel and stemless tumblers work great with hot drinks. When the shaker bottle is used with hot beverages pressure can build up and cause the lid to pop open or liquids to spray. If you want to use the shaker bottle with hot liquids, please remove the lid and be careful as your drink will stay steaming hot for hours.

My ice melted after 15 minutes, why?!

If you only put a few ice cubes into your cup and then add water that is not cold, the water will immediately melt all the ice. No matter how good the insulation of the bottle is, this is science and the warm water will melt the ice fast. If you would like to have ice for longer, please fill the cup up with more ice and use water that is cooled.

Does the Ice Shaker have measurement markings?

Yes the 26oz Ice Shaker has 4 fill lines inside of the bottle. They include 5oz, 10oz, 15oz and 20oz markings. The 16oz bottle has 5oz, 10oz and 15oz markings. The tumblers do not have measurement markings.

How do I make the best protein shake ever?

Follow these steps and you will be making killer shakes in no time. First make sure the agitator is screwed in. Then start by putting liquid in the cup before adding powder. This trick will stop any powders from clumping at the bottom of the cup. Next add your powder to the cup and then top off with more liquid. This top off will stop any powder from potentially clumping at the top of the cup. Don't fill all the way to the top, always leave space to allow for blending. Now here is where rookies always go wrong - Make sure the pop top is closed! This will save you a lot of clean up time. *Pro tip* Do not add too much ice in your shakes as the powder won't dissolve very well if there is a ton of ice.

Does the Ice Shaker fit into cupholders?

Yes! The Ice Shaker will fit into all standard size cupholders. It also fits nicely into side pockets on a lot of backpacks.

My bottle is defective, what do I do?!

We put a lot of time and money into quality control. If a bad bottle happens to slip by or your product gets damaged in shipment we would love to fix it for you. Just contact us at info@iceshaker.com with your order number and an image and we will get new product shipped out asap.