Chris Gronkowski's Six Pack Attack Laundromat Ab Workout

Below is Chris Gronk's entire ab shredding complex!  Before you get started, let's do a quick overview of how to attack this circuit.  

-All of these exercises should be done back to back! 
-The idea of this complex is to keep constant tension on core muscles to completely exhaust them as well as increase your heart rate to a fat burning pace!
-Chris does these exercises in sets of 20.  Of course, he has been doing this workout for some time and has built up his core strength and muscular endurance.  If you would like, start with sets of 10 for each exercise!
-Try to rest for as little time as possible but make sure that you are keeping proper form for each rep!  It is counterproductive to use a lot of momentum to complete this circuit!

The Laundromat.....

1. Knee Ups
2. Heel touches
3. Sky Reaches
4. Raised Leg Rollups
5. Raised Knee Sky Reaches
6. Raised Leg Toe Touches
7. Straight Leg Raises
8. Scissor Kicks
9. Combo Full Sit-Up Toe Touches to Raised Leg Toe Touches
10. Crossed Leg Elbow to Knee Touches
11. Side Crunches
12. Elbow to knee Bicycles(Increase speed every 5 reps per side)
13. Russian Twists
14. Knee Rollups

There you have it! The secret to Chris Gronk's unreal abs!!  When done to it's entirety, 400 muscle burning reps will have been done!  If this doesn't roast your mid-section, I don't know what will!! Click on the video below to watch the full workout with proper technique.  TIME TO DO THE LAUNDRY!!!


Don't hit play until you're ready and committed to annihilating your core!  Don't worry we will follow up within a few days to check on your progress and offer some more six pack tips and exercises. 

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