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The best gaming bottle because cold wet hands 

and twist on caps are for noobs.

Ice Shaker's spill proof and easy open lid means your will never have to take two hands off the Joystick. Ice Shaker's insulated stainless steel bottles will keep your drink ice cold for up to 30 hours but won't sweat so your hands will never get cold or wet while sipping your favorite drink.  Did we mention that the agitator is perfect for mixing up your favorite gaming powders.  

If you're a gamer, you need this bottle. Period.

How Ice Shaker Works

Choose your bottle wisely:

The Noob Ice Shaker

 This Ice Shaker is for beginners that only need 16oz until they are dead or kicked out of the game with a 0.10 K/D Ratio.

The Amateur Ice Shaker

This bottle is for the best gamers that love toasting their friends every night but have to call it quits to make sure they get to work on time.  The 26oz bottle will mix up your gaming powders and allow you dominate without having to worry about wet, cold hands or spilling. 

The Pro Ice Shaker

The 36oz beast is made for the champs.  Keeping your drinks ice cold for 40+ hours and making sure you don't run low on liquid while you dominate all day and night long.
Bottom line, This is what's possible when you use an Ice Shaker

Customize it with your Gamer Tag

Show out when you show up to put in work on the sticks by having your unique gamer tag permanently engraved on your bottle.  Your tag is your brand. It is your calling card that flashes on the screen whenever you take down an opponent. It strikes fear in the hearts of newbies and seasoned gamers alike. It's time to go public.