Apply Here for the Ice Shaker Gaming Team - More Details On the Program Below


FB Gaming Partner

13yrs. Army Vet, Husband, certified nutrition specialist, gym rat, & Influencers.

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Kaos King

Twitch Gaming Partner

US Navy Veteran and I served on the USS Ronald Reagan!!  I hope you get some good laughs in.

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Are you ready to be a part of the Steel Squad?!  
We are looking for gamers to represent the best bottle in the game.  Our kitchen grade insulated bottles will keep you in the game all day long, can mix powders, won't sweat and won't spill.   Plus we are going to personalize them with your gaming Logo!  

Apply Here to our Gamer Squad and if you get accepted you will get your own FREE custom Ice Shaker bottle engraved with your logo, plus enjoy 10% commission on the first $1500 in sales. 

Once you hit $1500 in sales, you will unlock STEEL Squad status and receive 15% commission on all sales going forward and be featured on the Gamer page.  You will also be featured on @iceshaker Instagram and Facebook page as well. 

Take it to the next level and hit $5000+ in sales to become a VIP STEEL Squad member and enjoy a 20% commission on all sales.

How the program works:

If you are accepted into the program, you will receive 1 FREE custom Ice Shaker of your choice with your logo engraved on it.  We will also build out a landing page with your custom bottle for sale.

Unlock 2 additional custom bottle colors after the first $150 in bottle sales.  

Unlock a giveaway at $300 in bottle sales.  
Unlock 3 additional colors after $500 in bottle sales.  

Unlock Signature Edition bottle at $1500 in bottle sales and  become a STEEL Squad Member. 

Referrals: refer a gamer that gets accepted into the program and unlock a FREE custom bottle giveaway for your page.

***All commissions are paid through PayPal and will be paid out the first week after the Month ends.