Scholarship Program

IceShaker Scholarship Program

At IceShaker, we try and provide our customers with the best bottles on the market. We do so by offering the most relevant, best options there are for both men and women, coupled with our top notch customer service and high quality content to help during your buying endeavor.

One of our main beliefs is that through great content, we are able to provide a great experience with shopping online. With our content, we are able to relay many different aspects of our products, helping consumers fully understand the product they're buying for themselves or for others, and offer a great buying experience that can sometimes be ugly when buying online because you cant physically see/touch what you're purchasing.

We have since started the IceShaker Scholarship Program for Undergraduates to connect with current students who are passionate about marketing, and business. Our scholarship program should be of interested to students who are currently studying in the field of Business, Marketing, or IT Communications. Our scholarship is for a one time award of $750.00

Terms of Participation

To Participate in the IceShaker Scholarship Program, you will need to create a piece of content between 1200-2000 words on a unique subject that you think would be of good fit for our store.


  • Submit as a Word document
  • Content must consist of intriguing material that would be relevant to our target market
  • Create SEO content using links to the content when necessary 
  • Use of images is encouraged in order to engage with the consumer

The applicant that shows the best understanding of our target market, who creates engaging content and a clear knowledge of SEO, will receive our one time award of $750.00


The IceShaker Scholarship Program is for students currently enrolled in an accredited college or university.

All articles that are submitted will be ran through a plagiarism checker. While we evaluate the submitted content, the following will be considered: SEO, target market understanding, content evaluation - is the article worth reading?

Submit your application

Once your article is written, please save as a word file -

Please then email this article to us : Please remember to submit the following at the top of your article:

  • Your personal contact information: Name, Address, Email (your address will never be shared/sold.)
  • College Name
  • College Major

By submitting your article of content to be considered for the IceShaker Scholarship Program, you are allowing us to use it for our marketing purposes.


The deadline for submission is May 17th, 2020, and we will select the winner by June 17th, 2020- You will be contacted via email.

If you have any questions, please send them to: