Shaker Bottle

Introducing Ice Shaker: The Only Stainless Steel Protein Shakers You’ll Ever Need

Developed by Denver Broncos superstar Chris Gronkowski, the Ice Shaker is a revolutionary protein shaker bottle that will change how you view other shakers forever. Say goodbye to every problem you usually have with other shakers, because the Ice Shaker will outshine and outlast all of them.

The Ice Shaker is revolutionary as it holds ice, in a 75-degree room, for at least 30 hours! Because it is vacuum insulated between two walls of stainless steel, you have the opportunity to forgo the ball whisk. Just toss in some ice cubes and give it a shake. In no time you’ll have a perfectly mixed and cold drink. The material on the lid is completely spill proof yet still easy to pop open. You will have confidence shaking your Ice Shaker because it is totally secure.

Another great aspect of the Ice Shaker is the prep. Many people do meal prep throughout the week, or prepare something the night before. With these stainless steel protein shakers, now you can prepare your drinks ahead of time too. The non-odor absorbing bottle will keep all drinks fresh and cold without the struggle of a perspiring cup. Go ahead and prepare a smoothie 12-hours ahead of time, or keep your protein shake in the car while you run errands. The Ice Shaker will keep it in that just-freshly-made state for over 30 hours, saving you time and adding convenience to your already busy schedule.

Additionally, the tapered end makes it easy to fit into even the smallest cup holders. For bigger cup holders, the cup widens as it grows taller, meaning this 26-ounce cup will fit virtually any cup holder without wobbling around loosely.

The Ice Shaker is for more than just protein shakes as well. They’re great for barbecues, days at the beach, camping trips, or even festivals. Keep refreshing water chilled, fill the cup with your favorite beer or margarita, or fill it up with your favorite energy drink. Whether you’re spending time with your friends and family or you’re working out, the Ice Shaker will hold cold your drink of choice to get you through it.

At the end of the day, the Ice Shaker is a breeze to clean. Just wash it like any other cup by hand or in the dishwasher and it’ll be good as new, plus it will never hold onto unpleasant odors. Gone are the days of scrubbing plastic cups or wasting money by always throwing them away. The stainless steel body won’t even absorb odor, making the Ice Shaker eco-friendly, sustainable, and low maintenance.