The Best Yoga Water Bottle

As seen on Shark Tank

Because there is nothing more refreshing than

cold water after a hot yoga session. 

If you're a yogi, you need an Ice Shaker. Period.

Choose your bottle wisely:

The Namaste

 We call the 26oz Ice Shaker bottle The Namaste because it is our ultimate bottle.  Though Namaste is typically used at the end of class, our 26oz Ice Shaker bottle is perfect before, during and after.  It will hold ice for 30+ hours and unlike you, it won't sweat!  So, turn up the heat, we guarantee you that our 26oz Ice Shaker can handle even the hottest of hot yoga sessions

Bottom line, This is what's possible when you use an Ice Shaker

Customize ANY of Them

Have a favorite Yoga term? Or maybe you just want to make sure that nobody else will take your bottle after us, it happens.  Truly make it your own by adding custom text engraving!