Ice Shaker goes head to head with Yeti and Blender Bottle to see which bottle has the best insulation. Guess who wins? 😊

The Test

We randomly received an email from a customer that said"tested and Ice Shaker won". We had no idea what it meant so we clicked into an email that we were extremely happy to open. 

 The customer - Shannon - purchased our bottle and two of our top competitors (Yeti and Blender Bottle) to test to see who's bottle had the best insulation. 

 She filled all three bottles with the same exact volume of ice, which is key for true test results. She put all the bottles next to each other in the direct sunlight starting at 7:55am (as seen in the image) and waited.

The race is on! 

Shannon periodically tested the bottles. She captured this image at 3:01pm. At this point you could already start to tell that one bottle was doing a much better job of holding ice. 

 In fact, the Yeti cup was really struggling to hold on. The temperatures were now at 84 degrees and the bottles were in the direct sunlight.

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The Results 

At 5:44pm, Shannon brought the cups inside and measured each to see how much ice was left.  The Yeti at this point had NO ice left.  The blender bottle did a little better than the Yeti but in the end the Ice Shaker crushed the competition proving to be the best insulated bottle.

Shannon informed us that she was an Ice Shaker customer for life!  We asked Shannon if we could share this experiment and she said yes. She then let us know that she had already shared it on her Facebook page and a lot of her friends had since purchased an Ice Shaker bottle. 

Thank you so much Shannon for the test and results. 

Try the experiment out for you yourself.  

All of Ice Shaker's bottles are made of insulated kitchen grade stainless steel and will keep your drinks ice cold for hours.

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