Thrive At Home

COVID-19 has changed our lives in so many ways.  It has forced us to either sit back and take time off or attack it and make adjustments everyday to get better.  

Of course I had to attack it.  I put together some of the things that have helped me the most to get through these tough times and I hope they can do the same for you.

Chris Gronkowski

Founder/CEO Ice Shaker Inc.

Adjusting My Meal Plans

When the quarantine started, I had to greatly change my workout routine.  I went from burning close to 4,000 calories a day to now averaging about 3,400 cals burned a day. 

The first meal plan listed below is what I was eating when the gyms were still open.  The next two were what I was doing once the gyms shutdown.  There was a big change in calories that I was burning so I had to make the adjustment with my meal plan as well.  

Trying out new recipes

Since we could no longer eat out, It was time to get creative in the kitchen.  Here are two recipes that are so easy to make that I will be using going forward.  The steak quesadillas are so simple to make in a crock pot, and the power balls are an amazing dessert that taste like you are eating the inside of a peanut butter cup!

New At Home Workouts

Working out has always been a staple for me.  I go to the gym almost everyday, including Saturdays and Sundays.  When all the gyms closed, I had to find a new way to workout from home.  The problem was that I had absolutely no weights.  I could easily go and buy some since my family owns Gronk Fitness, but I have no where in my house to put the weights.  My garage is crammed with so much product from the businesses that I can't even park our cars in there.  So I had to create workouts with just a band.  The first time I did these workouts, I was so sore from them.  The band really helps you focus on the muscle contraction and really gets you a good pump!

I really wanted to put this together as a resource for anyone that might be struggling to keep up with their diet & workouts or for someone that is just looking for new ideas.  I hope this page helps you live an active and healthier lifestyle.  Please follow me at @ChrisGronkowski on Instagram for more health and fitness tips and please subscribe to our podcast as we bring on guests that deliver powerful and value driven messages.