5 Creative Promo Ideas for Custom Shaker Bottles

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Most people love getting free, promotional gifts, but sometimes these items can be useless knick-knacks that end up shoved away in a cabinet, abandoned and forgotten. The next time you’re looking for the perfect product for your promotional campaign, try giving away custom shaker bottles. These unique protein shakers are the perfect gift for fitness junkies and outdoor adventurers. Even if your demographic is not particularly involved in physical activity, these can easily be used as portable, reusable water bottles or containers for smoothies, juice or even alcoholic beverages. Get inspiration from these creative custom shaker bottle ideas and make them your own.

Company Logo with Company Colors

While putting your company’s logo on any promotional item may seem obvious, there are more creative ways to incorporate this idea than to just slap the same logo onto a shaker bottle. Customizable Ice Shakers come in a variety of colors with the option to change the shaker seal color as well. Select the shades that make up your company logo and turn the bottle into a promotional item people will actually put to good use.

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Sponsor Charity Runs or Walks

If your company sponsors events often, you may want to consider getting involved with a charity run or walk event, where you can hand out your chic and practical promo shaker cups. Participants at these types of fundraisers are often active people who will not only appreciate the product you’re giving out but also use it on a daily basis, providing your brand with additional exposure. Simultaneously, this is an excellent way to get your company involved with a great cause and help make a difference in people’s lives while encouraging healthy exercise habits.

Add a Clever Slogan

Adding something extra to your customized shaker bottles aside from just your company’s logo is a great way to stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t need to be the actual company motto or anything very elaborate. Come up with something quick, clever and memorable that will stick out to people when they read it. If you have a particularly funny employee, you may want to have them come up with something catchy. Adding a funny phrase or a clever slogan to the bottle will help people to remember your company and what you’re all about. To help inspire your creativity, one example is Playstation’s popular tagline, “Live in your world. Play in ours.” Something as simple as these two phrases can really stick in people’s minds and help them to remember your brand in the future.

Inspirational Quote

When creating customized shaker cups, you have the option to add several images or text. Make the most of the space on these 12-, 16-, 20- and 26-oz. bottles by printing your company logo on one side and an inspirational quote on the other. Using a short quote is an excellent way to showcase what your business actually does. For example, if you run a company that does marketing for the travel industry, you may want to include a travel-related saying such as Neale Donald Walsh’s quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Reading a noteworthy quote can cause an emotional response in someone, which will help them to remember your company as well as what you do. Plus, adding something extra makes your promo item unique and more likely to be utilized by the recipients. You can even include a printed protein shake recipe inside the insulated tumbler for another special addition.

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Give Them Out to Office Guests

To get your company’s name out there as much as possible, try keeping a stash of customized shaker bottles in your office specifically for guests. You can set up an area in your lobby or entryway where the bottles are displayed and hand them out to visitors as they exit. Not only will they leave your office with a memorable, branded item, they’ll remember feeling welcomed and appreciated.

What Makes Ice Shaker Different from Other Insulated Tumblers?

Ice Shaker is one of the top insulted tumblers on the market. Offered in a range of sizes, from 12-oz. wine tumblers to 26-oz. protein shakers, these stainless steel cups are designed with double-walled, vacuum-sealed insulation to keep drinks cold for more than 30 hours. The easy pop-top lid is BPA-free and features an attachment to infuse your drink with fresh fruit. The next time you’re searching for the perfect promotional item, avoid the standard products and order a batch of customized insulated shaker bottles. Your customers will thank you.

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