Weight loss: Cardio vs Weight training - or both?



When most people think of workouts, they will go straight to cardio. Running, cycling, jumping rope, and other forms of cardio are known for burning calories fast. Cardio also increases heart health and metabolism. So what are the downfalls to using only cardio in your workouts? First, when your body gets into the system with the cardio, it is more difficult to lose fat. Not only will you have trouble losing fat, but you can lose muscle mass. To build muscle, your body needs an efficient amount of calories, and when you do strictly cardio, your body is trained to burn those calories instead of use them to build muscle. So how do you lose weight but keep muscle?

Weight training

Incorporating weight training into your workout routine makes all the difference in getting toned. When you lift, you’re not only building muscle but also burning fat, so if you’re trying to slim down, you can do that while getting toned and strong. If you use your weights the safe and right way, you build up your strength so that you are less susceptible to injury. There’s a difference between a slim body and a shapely body - and you won’t get that defined body by hopping on the treadmill everyday. Not only does weight training improve your appearance - it also aids in balance, reduces back pain, and many other benefits.

push ups

So should you use cardio or weight training to lose weight?

The answer to that varies for each person, but using both cardio and weight training has multiple benefits. With the incorporation of both into your workout routine, you can burn those unwanted calories while building a body you will love. Both have proven to improve heart health, increase metabolism, lower diabetes risk, and improve mental health. Your dream body could mean only a change in your routine cardio.

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