Beth McDonald Hangs Out With Chris & Rob Gronkowski with Ice Shaker

Chris & Rob Gronkowski (Gronk) were in town for an Arizona Wildcat teammates's wedding.  While in town the Gronkowski brothers, along with college teammate Orlando Vargas, had a chance to talk to Beth McDonald from the popular radio show Beth and friends about the Ice Shaker!  
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Beth with Gronk & Ice Shaker

"I was lucky enough to get to chat with the Patriots' Rob Gronkowski, his brother Chris and family friend Orlando to talk about their Ice Shaker. Of course, I need to know if it makes a good cocktail." - Beth McDonald

Of course the Ice Shaker makes a good cocktail!  It is the best and easiest shaker bottle to use on the market.  The double wall and vacuum insulated bottle make it ideal for cocktails as it will keep your drink cold for over 30 hours!  The easy open pop top is great for pouring drinks as well.   The Ice Shaker is the perfect cup for any alcoholic drink.  It also is a premium cup for beer drinkers as well.  Who likes warm beer?

If your looking for your new favorite tailgating cup, don't forget to personalize your Ice Shaker with your favorite quotes, chants, teams or just your name so no one can ever take it from you.  

The Ice Shaker isn't just perfect for fitness folks that work out and hit the gym hard, it's also perfect for every day use at the office.  What's easier than a pop top bottle that doesn't sweat all of your desk?!  It's the easiest way to drink ice cold refreshing water all day long. We all know the benefits of drinking more water, just filling your 26 ounce Ice Shaker 3 times a day will be enough to hit the recommended 64 ounces of water a day.

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