Ice Shaker Stainless Steel Protein Cup Goes to Europa Fitness Expo In Orlando, Florida

The Ice Shaker team headed to the Europa Fitness Expo in Orlando, Florida.  The team consisted of Chris Gronkowski, and the newly wed Vargas's.  

Ice Shaker Europa Fitness Expo

Ice Shaker is taking the fitness market by storm!  Ice Shaker's kitchen grade stainless steel bottle is the perfect solution to your smelly plastic shaker bottles.  The kitchen grade stainless steel cup does not absorb odor so say good bye to your smelly old plastic shaker bottles.  Ice Shaker's double wall and vacuum insulated bottle does will hold ice for over 30 hours, and does not sweat!  No more annoying sweat rings all over your furniture, desks and gym floor!  

Don't just use this perfect protein shake making cup for protein powder, it is perfect for everything.  Use your Ice Shaker as a water bottle, use it for BCAAs, aminos, beer, coffee, energy mixes, ice tea, lemonade, martinis, cocktails, margaritas, and more!   

With summer coming up, you are going to need an insulated bottle!  Leave your ice shaker in the car while shopping and when you come out your water will still be ice cold, even in a 150 degree car!  Bring your new favorite shaker bottle to the pool, bring it to the beach without having to worry about sand getting in your drink or sticking to the bottle, bring it to the office without having to worry about your paperwork getting wet.  Why?  Because when you knock the bottle over, it won't spill!  It also doesn't sweat so you don't have to worry about condensation getting all over your paperwork either!  

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