Chris Gronkowski - 1 Week Shred May 28th through June 3rd, 2019

Chris Gronkowski - 1 Week Shred May 28th through June 3rd, 2019
After Partying the last two weekends and crushing all the food in sight, It's time to put an end to it. And there is no better way to squash a couple of bad habits than a 1 week shred.  It's a great way to get off the desserts and sweets and get back on track in the weight room and at work.  

My 1 week shred goals

1. Get back on schedule with eating (no more 10:30pm donuts)

2. Get off of the dessert train.  When the holidays come around, I start eating desserts with every meal and it's hard to break this habit.

3. Lose 5lbs - I think this will happen immediately after I clear the alcohol out of my system. 

4. Drink more water - I have been struggling with this lately - It's time for at least a gallon a day.

5. Get more shredded!  1 week is not a long time, but if you can finish a week the good thing is that you won't want to stop. 

Starting weight!

Starting Weight

 Starting pics 😬

Before pictures workout

Before abs

Here is the Game Plan

(which will probably change due to my schedule being crazy).

Day 1: Chest and Triceps - Cardio after the lift.  Extras: Abs  Meals: Intermittent Fasting until Noon. 

Day 2: Back and Biceps - Cardio after the lift. Extras: Swimming Laps. Meals: Intermittent Fasting until Noon.

Day 3: Shoulders & Abs - Cardio after the lift. Extras: Abs. Meals: Every 2 Hours

Day 4: Leg Day - Light Cardio. Extras: Jump rope Meals: High Carb Every 2 hours. 

Day 5: Full Body Functional Movement blast.  Meals: Every 2 hours

Day 6: Sunday Funday - crush some chest and triceps but it will be later in the morning so that I can get some extra sleep.  No cardio needed. Meals every 2 hours.

Day 7: Last Day! Back and biceps - Cardio after lift.  Intermittent until noon because i'll probably overeat on Sunday.


Let the shred begin!

Day one workouts: 

Chest workout

Triceps workout


Day 1 Wake up Time: 4:00am - Not on purpose but more so because I was excited to get started and couldn't sleep.  Sleep is going to be one of the most important factors of the 1 week shred, so I'll have to make up for it by going to bed earlier tonight.  


4:20am - 1 scoop of Protein Coffee - 65 cals, 10 grams of protein, 1/2g of sugar.

I was going to try and go straight fasted until 11am today but this workout is going to be intense and so is the cardio so I wanted to get a little something in me. 

The back to back skull crushers were a beast!  That was a lot of reps and the pump was massive.  I played basketball after and my first 4 shots were straight air balls because my arms were toasted. 

Finished up everything at 6:40am and it's time get the kids up and work.  

On the plate today:

  • Podcast at 9:00am - Fit Dads (
  • Send Product off to our new account - Scheels sporting goods.  I have never been in one of their stores before but I want to check them out.  They are massive - some are 350,000 sq feet so I am pumped we were able to land this account.
  • Meeting with Target at noon. Yep, I am excited for this!
  • Call with Starbucks later in the evening - Pumped for this one.  It is for our military support campaign.  We have now donated over 1,000 bottles to active military and are looking to pair up with Starbuck's non-profit so that we can send even more bottles out.

I am going to try and fast until about 11:15am.  My technique - drink a lot of water!  It's really the first day that is hard to get by when fasting. If you can get through the first day, you own your body at that point and can control your cravings.  

11:15am: meal 1

Meal 1

 1:30pm: meal 2

Chicken rice lettuce

3:30pm Snack - 1 Cookie a day!  I think I have ate one protein cookie a day for the last 2 months and it's not stopping now.

Protein cookie

5:55pm: Meal 3 - Asked my wife to cook healthy for a week!  let's see how this goes.  Her definition of healthy is a little different than mine. 

Chicken sweet potatoes corn

7:55pm shake time!  I have been drinking this 5PRO Protein Powder as it is all natural with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.  It's not as sweet as a protein shake flavored with artificial sweeteners, but still tastes good.  24g of protein per scoop and 120 calories. 

Protein shake

And that’s it for today.  I am already feeling sore from all those skull crushers.  Definitely heading to bed early tonight!  I think I ended up drinking close to 2 gallons of water!

It was a great day.  Great podcast in the morning, followed up by an amazing visit to Target.  It looks like target is going to bring the protein cookies into every Target store in Texas. 

I then had an amazing call with a non-profit that can help us get more bottles into the troops hands.  It looks like we may be having a big packing party soon and sending 1000 Ice shaker bottles to the troops! 

Golds gym

I’m not going to lie, I did get super pumped with the Gold’s Gym CEO posted a picture of all of our products to his social pages!  I am excited to work with them. 

Day 2: Back and Biceps!

4:15am wake up

4:35am: 1 scoop of protein coffee - I get about 75mg of caffeine from this to wake me up and 10g of protein to get through the lift. I have taken a lot of pre-workouts and this combo of protein and caffeine seems to work the best for me as a pre-workout early morning meal.

Back workout

I don’t have a bicep workout drawn up but I’ll update it after I crush some biceps!

Day 2 Weigh in - Dropped close to 4lbs.  My game plan was to drop the extra weight fast and then level out around 220.  I expect to see a decent drop of weight tomorrow as well. 

Body weight


Workout: Back and Biceps

After the lift, I played basketball for about an hour.  This is the best HIIT cardio you can do! After basketball, I went back to finish up some biceps - nothing crazy but got some decent bicep isolation pumps in.  

You can't forget the extras!  I was about to leave the gym but hit a few sets of abs 🙀

Meal #1: 11:30am - Kept the intermittent fasting going for a 2nd day.  I'll go back to eating breakfast tomorrow. 

Turkey green beans and rice

1:00pm Snack - 1 cookie a day!  These Protein Cookies taste amazing and have more protein, less fat and less sugar than a lot of protein bars!  And my favorite part - they actually taste like a cookie.

Protein cookie oatmeal raisin

3:45pm Meal #2 - Unexpected visits from our friends at GNC today.  With it came a nice meal of chicken and broccoli! I wasn't mad about it, thanks Bez (GNC store owner in Dallas)! 

Chicken and broccoli

6:00pm Meal #3 - Probably not enough food

Salad turkey lasagna

7:30pm Extras! - I was going to hit a pool workout but it has been storming all day so I'll crank out 100 push ups instead.  The kids like my push up workouts a lot better as well.  I don't mind the extra weight when they hop on my back.  

And now time to watch the Boston Bruins play! We custom engraved a bottle for every player on the team and they received them today before game 2!  The last time we custom made bottles for the New England Patriots, they ended up winning the Super Bowl so I think this is a good sign for Boston fans. 

Boston bruins custom shaker bottles

Almost forgot, I got a decent amount of extras while packing a big order that came in from Scheel's sporting goods. Look for 6 colors of our 26oz Ice Shaker bottles to hit stores next week!   I am excited to get Ice Shaker in these stores, they range in size from 200,000 to 350,000 square feet!  I have never personally been in one but they will be opening a 350,000 square foot location in Dallas, Texas in 2020. Judging by this picture of their Nevada store, this store looks amazing!  It looks like a mall with an giant Ferris wheel in the middle of it! 

Scheels sporting goods

 7:45pm meal 4 - I definitely didn’t eat enough earlier today and my body was letting me know.  Had to break out the leftovers from last night. 

Dinner time


Day 3 Lift: Shoulders like boulders! The Quarry.

Shoulder workout

 4:25am wake up! Starting to get rid of the fluff 😁

Day two abs

4:45am 1 scoop of protein coffee - I got caught up adding a map of all the current stores we are in and was able to get it live on the site.  I ended up being a little late to lift because of it but it’s all good because the map is now live on the site!

5:15 weigh in

Day 3 weigh in lost 7 lbs  

I weighed in with a hoodie and shoes on and my phone in my hand and it looks like I’m down 7lbs. I’m going to have to stop intermittent fasting because I’m losing way too much weight too fast.  I feel good but it’s going to caught up to me.  Big leg day tomorrow as well so I’m going to stack up on food today and try to gain some weight back for tomorrow.  

Todays lift: crushed some shoulders with @thejoshwass.  Solid pump, check it out in the image above.  Shoulders are usually a lighter day for me so I only had to lift for about 35 mins. 

Cardio: 30 mins of basketball. I followed it up with 10 mins on the elliptical and burned an extra 156 calories at a slower pace.

7:20am 5PRO chocolate shake.  I just use one scoop and I add milk. I’ve been keeping my shakes simple lately. 

8:30am PANCAKES!  Yes, I love pancakes.  I'm going with the Kodiak Chocolate Chip and use skim milk and egg whites to juice up the protein in them.  Going with 3/4cup of batter and 3 egg whites.  Feed the Gains!

Protein pancakes

11:30am meal #2

Ground turkey rice and beans

1:00pm it’s cookie time! The best part of the day.  We have been selling the Dark Cocoa Chocolate Chip cookies so fast that I usually don’t get to eat any. But we got a huge shipment in this week! 😁😁

Chocolate chip protien cookie 

The cookies have been a huge seller for us. I had a meeting with target earlier in the week and it looks like they will be sold in every target in Texas!  Today I talked with Central Market and they want to meet tomorrow and are interested in selling the cookie as well!  Who can say no to a healthy cookie that actually tastes good?! 

4:00pm meal 3!

Healthy meals

6:00pm meal #4

Salmon teriyaki

Talked with freshly the other day about collaborating with Ice Shaker and The Protein Cookie Company.  We exchanged some product and my meals came today!  Not going to lie, they taste like something you would get at a restaurant.  They aren’t the best meals for a super shred but I got legs tomorrow so it’s all good.  The owners of Freshly graduated from the University of Arizona the same year I did.  Looks looks Arizona produces some excellent entrepreneurs 😮

7:30pm - meal #5 - half of a rotisserie chicken and a salad.  My body Is just craving food, I have to feed the gains. 💪🏼

8:30 - 5PRO protein shake 

Chocolate protein powder

 Day 4: Leg Day!

Leg workout

6:15am Wake up! 

I stayed up late last night finishing up some things and needed to get some sleep.  Also, I don't play basketball on Fridays which starts at 6am so I usually sleep in a little bit.  Time to crush some legs!

6:30 am - 1 scoop of protein coffee

Day 4 transformation

The difference in 4 days is already insane. Just scroll back up and look at the side shot from day 1.  

Weight loss

I am down another pound since yesterday. I’ll have to pick up the calories so that I level out.  My goal isn’t to lose weight, it’s to lose body fat.  

Leg day sweat

The leg day sweat! Needed a lot of cleaning wipes today. I hit it hard and need to eat!  My appetite after leg days always rages so I am going to feed the gains!  

7:45am - 5PRO protein Shake

8:30am - Protein Pancakes 

Protien cookie birthday cake

10:30am - It got a little crazy, we had new flavor samples of protein cookies come in and I had to taste test them. I probably ate what was equal to 1 full cookie.  The new flavors included Birthday Cake, Lemon, Lemon Coconut and an Orange Cranberry.  We also got new low carb fat burning samples in that hit you with green tea extract. The green tea is going to help burn fat and also gives you some natural caffeine.   We haven't perfected the recipe yet, but I am excited for these to come out! 

 Fat burning protein cookie

12:00pm Meal #2

 Chicken rice and green beans

1:30pm - Had to grab my brother from the airport.  At this point everyone wanted to try cookies again.  I probably ate another full protein cookie.


The rest of the day was a mix of small meals and snacks.  Ate some chicken parm around 6:00pm 


6:30 - 7:30pm - Bike riding with the bros.  Brought it back old school and got a bike riding workout with my brothers.  This was great because I had a graduation party to go to and knew they had a lot of BBQ and I wanted to eat some.  I figured I could trade an hour of cardio for some BBQ!

8:30 BBQ - No Chance I was Turning This Down.  My neighbors daughter graduated high school and I could smell him smoking this brisket for the last 12 hours.  He told me had two extra briskets if I wanted some and I love a good brisket. 

 Brisket bbq

 Finished the night off with some Rummy 500.  This seems to be the Gronkowski family game of choice now days.  I was whooping Glenn and Rob but we cut it early to get some good sleep.  I'll have to finish off the victory today.  


Day 5 - The full body cardio blast

Wake up 7:30am

7:45: 1 scoop of protein coffee

9:00am  This is going to be fun, I got my bros in town and we are heading to APE Strength for some circuit training.  I love to switch it up once a week and get some functional training in, and this is the perfect way to do it.  It's 8 stations, each exercise is done for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest.   And then you hit as many rounds of this as possible.  Usually 5-6 rounds is a lot.  All of the exercises are fast paced and can range from jumping split squats, sled pushes, ball throws, battle ropes, burpees, and all kinds of band exercises.     

 11:15 Shake Time!   5PRO Unflavored Protein with mixed fruit and almond milk.

Had to finish up our big game of Rummy 500 before we could make lunch. We started last night but all got too tired to finish.  I ended up pulling off the victory. Glenn came in 2nd and Rob came in last.  

12:30 Turkey Burger with Pickles - also hit some brisket leftovers from last night.

Turkey burgers

1:00pm -2:00pm - Pool Volleyball tournament.  A great way to burn some extra calories.  It's a challenge to move through the water in the pool and jump in and out while chasing the volleyball down.  You don't realize it, but it's a good workout. 

2:15pm - Had to try out one of the new fat burning protein cookies! I can't wait to finalize the recipe and get these on the shelves.

 Gronkowski brothers

The Crew from this mornings workout

2:30- 5:00pm - House warming party at our friends.  Had a big game of corn hole.  Rob and I came out as the reigning champs.  And then we had to drop him off at the airport to head back to Boston for the Buzz off.  Every year Rob has buzzed his head to help raise money for kids with cancer.  

6:00pm - Another round of Turkey Burgers with pickles.   I also had some chicken and steak when I was at the housewarming party.  It was tempting to eat the cake at the party but I have to stay true to the shred! 

8:00pm Protein Shake!  Pumped to hit a big chest workout in the morning. 


Day 6 - Sunday Funday! 

5:30am wake up! 

My son heard me get up and started screaming. I was feeling great but ended up having to feed him and lay back down in bed with him.  This throws my body off big time.  I slept for about 30 more minutes and woke up feeling terrible.  

6:55am - 1 Scoop of protein coffee. 

Here's today's workout!

Chest workout

 I switched it up a little bit from the Tuesday workout.  I'm going to hit the same tricep workout from day 1 as it was a beast!  I am thinking I need to hit some more abs as well.  I'll hit abs either after the lift or later in the day.  It's Sunday Funday, I usually have a little more time to workout on Sunday's and like to get my best pumps in.  Let's get it! 

Day 6 shred pic

 Day 6 update pic

My weight bounced back up to 221.4 which was expected.  My original goal was to drop 5lbs and I didn't want to go any further than that in 1 week.  I was too light on my calorie intake and the brisket definitely bumped it up for me.  My goal wasn't to loose weight, just to loose fat and shred up.  I prefer to keep my body weight above 220lbs. 

9:30am Shake Time: 5PRO Chocolate


11:45am: Chicken, Butternut Mac and Green Beans - Another meal from Freshly.  They meals are healthy but not super lean but wow they taste amazing.

Freshly chicken Mac and green beans 

2:30pm Cookie time!  I am sticking with the one cookie a day.  It fulfills my sweet tooth and is healthier than most protein bars!

Protein cookie 22g of protein

5:30PM Dinner - Turkey Lasagna and Corn.  Again, not the leanest meal but I am making sure to eat less.  

Turkey lasagna and corn

7:00PM - 1 serving of protein Pancakes made with egg whites and skim milk.  about 300cals and 35 grams of protein.

8:15pm 5PRO Protein Shake

9:45pm: La Croix - This is my secret weapon to stop me from eating late at night.  The carbonation of the drink fills me up without taking in any calories or artificial sweeteners. 

Day 7!

Back to the Back and Biceps!  Plus it's Monday, so it's time for some cardio.  It's the last day of a 7 week shred!  That doesn't mean that finish off today and eat everything in sight the next day.  This should give you the tools and discipline to continue to get results.  

Tomorrow's Back Workout:

back attack workout

4:40am Wake up! 

4:50am 1 Scoop Protein Coffee

Day 7 weigh in

Weighed in at 220.5lbs.  6.5lbs down from 227.  It's all just from a massive calorie deficit.  All these diets make me laugh because at the end of the day there is only one thing that matters.  If you want to lose weight, burn more calories that you take in!  I have greatly limited my calorie intake especially when intermittent fasting, and then I am burning a ton of calories from listing and cardio.  It is not water weight, and my weight is not going to bounce back to 227 the next week.  I will stay around this weight even when I bump my calories back up. If I stayed at this deficit I would lose a lot more weight. 

Protein cookies

Sneak peak at the new protein cookie boxes!  I can't wait for these to hit!

11:00am Meal 1 - Peppercorn Steak, Another freshly meal.  These meals taste amazing. But I am giving up some shred when eating these meals as they are not super lean.  They are still pretty healthy, and always come with some greens which is great.

Peppercorn streak

12:30pm Fat Burning Protein Cookie.  This is one of the cookies we are currently sampling to see if it is something we want to sell.  It's packed with green tea extract to help burn fat and give you a caffeine boast. 

Fat burning protein cookie

2:15pm Meal #2 - Chipote chicken bowl.  This is a staple in my diet.  I eat it with brown rice, pinto beans, pico de gallo, corn and lettuce.  Cheap, fast, easy and still taste good. 

Chipotle salad

5:30pm - Still working on some left over turkey lasagna and ate a big piece of broccoli. I was craving something sweet, so I had a small bowl of Cinnamon toast crunch and some BCAA's.  Had to go help fix the lawnmower with the father in law and ended up eating some protein popcorn as well. 

9:15pm 5PRO Chocolate Protein Shake.  


And that's game over! Time for bed.  The 1 week shred is over, I'll snap some pics in the morning. I think I pretty much hit every goal on my list.  

My Goals

1. Get back on schedule with eating (no more 10:30pm donuts) - Done!

2. Get off of the dessert train.  When the holidays come around, I start eating desserts with every meal and it's hard to break this habit. - DONE!

3. Lose 5lbs - I think this will happen immediately after I clear the alcohol out of my system.  - DONE! 

4. Drink more water - I have been struggling with this lately - It's time for at least a gallon a day. - DONE! 

5. Get more shredded!  1 week is not a long time, but if you can finish a week the good thing is that you won't want to stop. - DONE!

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