4 Tips to Eat Clean While Travelling

4 Tips to Eat Clean While Travelling

It's easy to do...NO, I certainly don't mean eating clean while travelling.  It's easy to lose your discipline when it comes to diet while on the road. Whether you're travelling for work or play, temptations are seemingly everywhere and it's not too difficult to get off track.  Don't worry, we've compiled a list of 4 tips to keep in mind before your next trip that will have you feeling better upon your return than when you left!

Staying disciplined with your diet is much easier when you have a plan ahead of time(this is doesn't just apply to travelling), so, you will notice that most of these tips require some foresight and planning before you hit the runway. 

Tip 1: Research Your Destination

Are you travelling within the US or abroad? Different precautions must be taken depending on where you're going.  In many places around the world, getting a drink of water from a tap or drinking fountain could SERIOUSLY put a damper on your trip.  We recommend visiting a site like to gain insight on best practices when it comes to food/water consumption.  In addition to knowing what is safe and what to avoid, find out what is around the area you will be staying.  Take a look at online menus(if possible) and plan out where you would like to eat and what you will order ahead of time.  Or, if you plan on staying awhile, locate a grocery store that offers fresh meats and produce so your meal prep doesn't skip a beat.

Tip 2: Get Kitchen Access

When picking your hotel, select one with a kitchen if possible. At the very least, make sure you have a microwave and refrigerator.  Head to the grocery store you found in tip 1 and instead of going out for every meal, pick up some fresh food and prepare it yourself in the comfort of your room.  It'll save you lot's of money and it will keep your clean eating habits on track.

Tip 3: Water, Water, and More Water

Drinking lot's of water will not only keep you hydrated, but, it will also keep you feeling full and curb those impulses to load up at meal time.  Additionally, flying dehydrates you so be sure to pack a spill/leak proof, re-usable water bottles that you can fill up before take off.  Keep your bottle filled and take it with you everywhere so you're never far from a refreshing sip of cold water. Pro tip: Ice Shaker 26oz bottles double as both a water bottle and a shaker bottle.  Pack some protein powder and have a shake instead of unhealthy snacks!

Tip 4: Limit Your Booze Intake

We're not saying to avoid alcohol completely but consider limiting how much you consume and which types of alcohol you are consuming.  Stay away from the touristy mixed drinks which are typically LOADED with sugar.  Stick with clear liquors and if you need a mixer, go with a sugar free option like soda or tonic water.  

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