Meal Replacements & Protein Powders. What's The Point?


Put simply, meal replacements were a quick and easy way for athletes to pack-on needed calories and nutrition. Typically much faster to make and eat, bars and powders were a great substitute for an entire meal.

The need for meal replacement might be due to:

  • Lack of time
  • Need to eat outside home
  • Increased portion sizes
  • The availability, convenience, and taste of high-energy but low-nutrient dense food

Tons of athletes and fitness-minded people still utilize meal replacements but their role has grown exponentially.

In addition to athletes using meal replacement supplements, gym-regulars, non-gym-goers and even your average Joe have incorporated meal replacements into their everyday lives! 


Unfortunately, most people don’t have a focused plan when it comes to eating a balanced, healthy diet. The consequence of that is not hitting your fitness goals due to missing out on key micronutrients and macronutrients your body needs to reach maximum performance.

Meal replacement bars or protein powders are ideal substitutes for those unhealthy meals preventing you from hitting your goals. Whey protein, vegan protein, and many other options are available when choosing your preferred protein powder. 

BONUS! Using meal replacement powder or protein bars that actually taste good leave you wanting more, thus creating long-lasting healthy eating habits. Eliminating unhealthy, non nutrient dense foods from your diet permanently will lead to crushing your goals. 


Like we mentioned, many athletes used to use energy bars and powders to get the extra nutrients required without having to make additional food. Overall, majority of athletes are still doing this.

Just a few of the added benefits of protein consumption:

  • You are most likely to feel more full after eating protein than other nutrients such as carbohydrate or fat
  • Protein is digested slower than carbohydrates, which means it is present in the gastrointestinal tract for a longer time
  • Plant-based as well as animal-sourced proteins have a similar effect on appetite
  • Soy-based foods are not only a source of high-quality proteins but also a source of fiber

If you feel like you’ve hit a wall and you’re not reaching your physically-focused fitness goals at the speed or way you want to, shakes and meal replacement bars are an ideal way to get added protein minus the calories. Typically a protein shake has 25g of protein per serving so a 2-scoop protein shake more than provides the Steel Squad juice you’re looking for.


While every schedule is different, we at Ice Shaker love our early morning workouts. Get up and get it done. A great and easy way to incorporate a protein shake into your diet will require 4 things; your favorite protein powder, a cup or cup and a half of water(milk if you’re looking for a few more calories), a blender and your Ice Shaker.

Pour your water into the blender, add a scoop or two of protein, blend it up and boom! You’re ready to smash that workout and hit those fitness goals.


Stay tuned to the Ice Shaker blog for all your workout tips, nutrition guides & fitness info.

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