The Perfect Shaker Bottle

Perfect Shaker bottle

Looking for the perfect shaker bottle?  Not all shaker bottles are created equal, well at least not anymore.  For years shaker bottles were all the same, a cheap plastic uninsulated bottle that would leak, break or smell awful after a couple of months.  You would throw some protein powder in your shaker bottle after a good gym workout and accidentally leave it in your car. After a day or two you would grab it out of your car and the smell is so bad that you might as well just throw the cup out now!

That is why Chris Gronkowski created the Ice Shaker.  After going through countless numbers of shaker bottle, it was time.  The Ice Shaker was born and it is spectacular!  The kitchen grade stainless steel bottle does not absorb odor like a plastic bottle does.  This is ideal for a protein cup because we all know that horrible smell!  

The Ice Shaker gets it name from the fact that it does not need a ball to blend the protein.  Instead just throw a few pieces of ice into your shaker and give it good hand shake.  The ice will work as an agitator and break the whey protein powders up. 

The Ice Shaker also gets it name from the fact that it will hold ice for over 30 hours in a 75 degree room.  Now you don't have to drink warm protein shakes or water.  You can also bring milk with you on the go without having to worry about it spoiling. 

The Ice Shaker's tapered bottle design make cleaning and filling extremely easy and of course it fits into all standard size cup holders.  Ice Shaker is now available in black and pink along with the classic stainless steel and can be personalized! 


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