The Top 3 ways to keep your drinks ice cold (these are genius!)

How to keep your drinks ice cold in a steaming hot car

Who has had this happen to them? Your driving around in the hot summer heat and you accidentally leave your water bottle in the car. You come back and are so thirsty but when you go to take a sip it is boiling hot and you can't even drink it! Not anymore, leave your Ice Shaker in your steaming hot car that is baking in the 100 degree sun and come back 2 hours later from shopping, a ball game or getting a pump in at the gym and take a nice refreshing ice cold sip from your Ice Shaker bottle.

 The #1 way to keep your drink ice cold

The ice shaker 26oz bottle as seen in the video above will hold ice for over 30 hours in a 75 degree room. When tested in the blazing hot truck, the bottle held ice for over 24 hours!  The 26oz Ice Shaker is the ultimate utility cup and used for almost anything.  Each Ice Shaker comes with an easy open pop top lid that is great for sipping on your favorite drink while your driving.  The removable twist in agitator is great for breaking up powders or mixing your favorite cocktail, and the measurement markings inside the bottle let you know exactly how much you are drinking.

Ice Shaker Bottle in cup holder

The 26oz Ice Shaker is ideal for keeping your drinks ice cold on a boat

The #2 best way to keep your drink ice cold

The Ice Shaker skinny steel tumblers are idea for sipping your favorite ice cold drinks. Each skinny steel tumbler comes with a straw and will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours.  The skinny bottle is stylish and easy to hold and is a huge favorite for bringing to the beach or the pool.  The sweat free bottle does not allow sand to stick to it!  Personalize one of our skinny steel bottles for your next vacation or event and sip on your favorite ice cold drink all day long. 

Skinny Steel Ice Shaker

Personalize any of our bottles for special events or gifts

The #3 best way to keep your drinks cold

The Ice Shaker 16oz shaker bottle is convenient on the go bottle.  With the same features as the 26oz bottle, the 16oz Ice Shaker will keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours.  Choose from 8 different color combinations, the Ice Shaker bottle collections will satisfy anyone's need for an ice cold drink.

16oz ice shaker bottle

The agitator also works great as a fruit infuser

To check out our full line on insulated bottles that will keep your drink ice cold, visit our shop here.





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