6 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Wine Tumblers

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Every wine lover knows the importance of drinking wine out of the proper drinkware. Next time you want to take your favorite drink to an outdoor concert or a backyard barbecue, bring your Ice Shaker wine tumbler for convenience and help keep your white wine at the perfect chilled temperature. Though we’ve specifically designed these stainless steel glasses for wine, many of our customers love using them for other drinks as well. In the mornings, pour your hot coffee or tea into the tumbler and keep it warm for hours at work. Try it once, and we promise you’ll never go anywhere without your tumbler again.


Keep Your Drinks Cold for Longer

On a hot summer day, your white wine or chilled sangria can quickly heat up as your lounge by the pool or mingle with friends. Much like our Ice Shaker protein shakers, the wine tumblers are double-wall insulated and have been vacuum-sealed. This cutting-edge technology allows your drink to stay cold for more than nine hours. Gone are the days of wincing as you gulp down warm white wine at a barbecue. For those who enjoy red wine at a cold temp, you will love this design. Or, if you drink your reds at room temperature, the tumbler can prevent them from heating up in the sun.

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Use It for Ice Cream

Nothing tastes more refreshing in the summer sun than enjoying cool ice cream by the pool or on the beach, but usually you have to scarf down your delicious snack before the heat of the sun turns it into a soupy mess. With your Ice Shaker tumbler, you can load the glass to the brim with ice cream and our cups will keep it cool for hours. Take a few bites, put the top back on and take a dip in the pool. When you come back, your ice cream will still hold its shape and taste just as refreshing as the first bites.


Not Just for Wine—Pour in Your Smoothies, Juice or Hot Drinks

Ice cream isn’t the only alternative use for our wine tumblers. Keep your morning smoothie or juice cool on your drive to work or use the cup for hot drinks. If you tend to drink your coffee or tea slowly, you no longer need to reheat your favorite warm beverage when it inevitably starts to cool. Pour coffee or tea into the tumbler and it will stay warm for three hours, allowing you to take your time in the mornings or leisurely sip your tea at night.

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No More Broken Wine Glasses

Made from sturdy, stainless steel, our wine tumblers are virtually shatter-proof. How many times have you or a friend accidently knocked a wine glass over during a dinner party? With our wine tumblers, this problem is completely eliminated. Now, you can keep your fancy glasses for special occasions and use the tumbler to keep your drink cold and avoid unnecessary clean-up. At tailgates and barbecues, you can skip the plastic cups and enjoy your wine from a tumbler designed to look and feel just like a stemless wine glass without the fear of breaking a glass.


The Stemless Design

True wine lovers have a tough time drinking their favorite vintage from anything other than a wine glass. The shape of a glass can make all the difference when enjoying a beverage and using just a regular water glass or plastic cup can decrease the experience of sipping on a fine wine. Don’t sacrifice your desire to consume wine in its intended drinkware—bring your stemless wine tumbler along! The cup was specially designed to comfortably fit in your hand and remain stable on a table without the thin stem of a typical wine glass. In recent years, stemless wine glasses have become a trendy, convenient way to drink. Now, use this durable tumbler to retain the same sense of class without the risk of breaking the glass.


Customize Your Wine Tumbler

Ice Shaker wine tumblers are available in a range of colors and designs. Select the one with your favorite color, like rose gold or mint. Or, opt for a funky design like floral. If you want to get creative with your wine tumbler, Ice Shaker makes it simple to design a custom cup. Add your name, initials, or any text of your choice to make it extra special.

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