Black 12oz Canpanion

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About the 12oz Canpanions

Keep your canned beverage nice and cold with Ice Shaker's® 12oz Canpanions. Made from premium, kitchen-grade stainless steel, Ice Shaker's Canpanions are designed to keep drinks cold for up to 4 hours and are double wall vacuum insulated to prevent condensation from building up on the outside of the Canpanion. Made specifically for 12oz slim cans, Ice Shaker's Canpanions fit in all standard size cup holders and have a silicone base to prevent them from sliding or chipping. 

To use, simply twist off the top rubber "lid", insert your 12oz can, then twist the rubber lid back on to secure your can in the Canpanion. Not drinking from a can? Or is your can too big? That's okay! Just remove the rubber lid and pour in your drink and watch as the Canpanion doubles as an insulated cup! Now you can keep your canned beverage nice and cold with Canpanions by Ice Shaker.


This image shows a young athletic woman twisting off the top rubber lid of the Ice Shaker Canpanion

1. Twist Off Lid

This image shows the same young, athletic woman inserting a slim 12oz Celsius can into the Ice Shaker Canpanion

2. Insert Can

This image shows the same young, athletic woman placing the top rubber lip back onto the Canpanion. The top rubber lip is easily sliding over the slim 12oz Celsius can.

3. Place Lid Over Top of Can

The same young, athletic woman is now twisting on the top rubber lip to secure the 12oz slim Celsius can into the Ice Shaker Canpanion.

4. Twist On Lid & Enjoy

More Than Just a Coozie

Ice Shaker 12oz Canpanions are designed for slim 12oz cans and will keep your beverage cold for up to 4 hours! Plus, it doubles as a cup when not using with a can!