Dragon Ball Z Frieza 26oz Ice Shaker - Black

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  • Dragon Ball Z is a registered trademark of Toei Animation and Crunchyroll as LLC used under license. All Rights Reserved.
  • Engraved with our state-of-the-art laser engraving machine that will never chip or fade away.
  • Ice Shaker exclusive


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About the 26oz Ice Shaker

Shake things up with Ice Shaker's® 26oz. Shaker! Invested in by Mark Cuban on ABC's Shark Tank and created and used by the Gronkowski Brothers and athletes everywhere, the 26oz. Shaker is a high-quality, double wall insulated protein shaker bottle that will keep your drink cold for 30+ hours!

The 26oz. Shaker features a patented, noise-free twist on agitator that is designed to blend protein powders and work as a strainer to ensure a perfect drink every time. Constructed from premium, kitchen-grade stainless steel, the 26oz. Stainless Steel Bottle will not absorb odors and is double wall vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cold for hours and prevent condensation from building up on the outside of the bottle. For easy measuring, the 26oz. Shaker is equipped with internal measurement lines that lets you add the perfect amount of liquid to mix up any tasty concoction! The silicone base prevents it from sliding, chipping, and makes the cup less noisy when setting it down. For added convenience, it fits in all standard size cup holders so that you can take your 26oz. Shaker anywhere you go! Stop dealing with smelly plastic bottles that don't keep your drinks cold and shake things up with Ice Shaker's 26oz. Shaker!

Now you can turn your 26oz. Shaker for protein shakes into a cup for fruit infused water with Ice Shaker's new Fruit Infuser (sold separately). Simply twist off the agitator and twist in the fruit infuser for fruit-infused water! 

OTHER DRINKS 26OZ. SHAKER CAN BE USED FOR: pre-workout juices, protein powder shakes, BCAAs, coffee, smoothies, cocktails, iced tea, and water!

More Than Just a Bottle

Created specifically to mix protein powder shakes, the Ice Shaker promises to keep your shakes and drinks ice cold, ensure a perfectly blended shake every time, and never leave behind water rings with it's sweat proof design. When you're not in the gym, use it for water, BCAAs, sport drinks, smoothies, teas, and more!

A close up image of the Noise-Free Patented Agitator Lid Combo. The agitator can be twisted on and off the bottom of the lid.

Noise-Free Agitator

The patented lid features a removable twist-on agitator that ensures a perfectly blended drink every time. Plus, the Pop Top Lid is 100% leak-proof!

20oz Shaker Bottle Dimensions: Height = 9.75 inches. Width at Lid = 2.75 inches. Width at Base = 2.75 inches. 26oz Shaker Bottle Dimensions: Height = 9 inches. Width at Lid = 3.25 inches. Width at Base = 2.75 inches. 36oz Shaker Bottle Dimensions: Height = 11.25 inches. Width at Lid = 3.25 inches. Width at Base = 2.75 inches

The Perfect Size

Ice Shaker's Shaker Bottles are available in 3 popular sizes: 20oz, 26oz, or 36oz and promises to keep your beverage ice-cold for hours!

This image shows a very close up view of the inside of the Ice Shaker's  insulated bottle. It contains a 5oz/150ml measurement line, a 10oz/300ml measurement line, a 15oz/450ml measurement line, and a 20oz/600ml measurement line.

Measurement Lines

5oz, 10oz, 15oz, & 20oz internal measurement lines helps keep track of water intake & is great for making cocktails!

This image shows a Black 26oz Ice Shaker fitting easily into a car's cup holder.

Take It Anywhere

The 26oz Ice Shaker fits in all standard size cup holders and has a handle built into the lid so that you can take your Shaker anywhere with you!