26oz Shaker Lid

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Keep your 26oz Ice Shaker Bottle in tip-top shape with 26oz Replacement Lids and Lid  + Agitator Combos. Featuring a new and improved design, Ice Shaker's 26oz Lids feature a sturdy carrying handle that's built into the lid and locks down in place when not in use. The twist-on design keeps your Ice Shaker from spilling while the pop top drink spout is easy to drink from and snaps down for a for a leak-proof design. The patented noise-free agitator ensures a perfectly blended drink every time and will not allow protein chunks or ice cubes to pass through.

Choose from the lid only or a lid + agitator combo. 

*Lids compatible ONLY with 26oz. products. (Lids for the metal base bottles also fit on the 16oz. metal base bottles)


Which Model Do You Have?: Bottle has a silicone base on the bottom

Which Model Do You Have?

Lid Options: Lid Only

Lid Options

Color: Black Lid with Mint Band