36oz. Shaker Lid

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Due to a minor product update, 36oz. Shakers produced before June 2021 require a different lid than 36oz. Shakers produced after June 2021. To place an order for a 36oz. Shaker Lid, please email info@iceshaker.com and let them know you'd like to order a lid for the 36oz. Shaker, the color you need and the date the bottle was purchased.

Ice Shaker's 36oz. Shaker Lid fits on 36oz. Shaker Bottles and has a new, 100% leak-proof design. For convenience, 36oz. Shaker Lids come with a sturdy and durable carry handle that's built into the lid and locks down in place when not in use. The new twist-on lid also features a longer drinking spout to stop your dirty fingers from touching the drinking spout, so you can rest easy knowing your drinking clean all day. 

Choose from a lid only or a lid and agitator combo in a variety of colors.

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