Shaker Lid for 36oz Bottles

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Our new and improved lids and agitators. 

Our new lids feature a sturdy carrying handle that clicks down so it won't move when not in use or when shaking.  The agitator has been redone to twist on and off easier.  The agitator is now a tighter spiral as well that does not allow chunks of protein to survive.  The new agitator also make the Ice Shaker the perfect cocktail shaker and will not allow full size ice cubes to slip through.  Last but not least, the pop top on the new lid is stronger and tighter making sure that when closed properly the lid will not open up accidentally.  The new pop top also contains a longer lip on the front to stop your dirty fingers from touching the spout of the bottle.  So feel free to drink clean and cold all day long with our new and improved lid.

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